Loxwood... by Grace Wilkinson

There are three thousand horses in Newmarket, but only one is on Georgia's mind. Counting down the days until she can leave school and work towards making her dream of riding round Badminton a reality, Georgia James spends her mornings exercising Thoroughbreds at the track. The rest of her time is spent at event rider Rose Holloway's yard, and thinking about Loxwood, whose future as a racehorse is uncertain.                                                                      
Always on the sidelines, is Georgia's hard work and patience about to pay off?

                                     OUR REVIEW                                                  
Loxwood by Grace Wilkinson drew me into the world of behind the scenes of horse racing.  Georgia was a young, independent girl, who lived her life for the love of horses.  Her small paying job of exercising them took every minute of her time, except for the riding lessons she could squeeze in from a loving and caring friend, Rose.
Georgia fell in love with one special horse, Loxwood, in which she dreamed of riding over event courses and maybe a little dressage.  Her home life wasn't the best and her day dreams about Loxwood where making her fail her studies at school, but she was determined to continue to bring out the best in Loxwood, so he won't suffer the fate of race horses that weren't fast enough.

I had a few "oh my gosh" moments reading this story, as I was already hooked with the same emotional attachment that Georgia was going through with the fate of Loxwood.  This is an excellent read, although fiction I found it very informative. 5 Hoof Stars