REVIEW  POLICY


We accept the following genres:

                                                 Christian / Inspirational Fiction:
                                                                Animal Stories
                                                              Children's Books
                                                                         Cook Books 
                                                     Fun and Easy Science Books

Books do not necessarily need to be totally Christian in content,
but merely moral and/or inspirational.

We do NOT accept the following genres:  


                                                             Graphic Novels
                                                             Picture Books
                                                             Biblical History
                                                             Political Novels
                     Books with explicit scenes or vulgar language



                                    FORMATS WE ACCEPT:

                                                                      Advanced Readers Copy

                               FORMATS WE DO NOT ACCEPT:

                                                                         Print Galley Copies
                                                        Any E-Books that do not work on Kindle


                                             Additional Information: 

We would love to review your book on Amazon, our Blog, G+, favorite google communities, twitter, Goodreads and Face Book... and possible you might  like to consider a review of one of our Christian fiction books,  and if not we would still review your book if it meets our policies. We will only leave a review of your book if it is 3 stars or higher, and would expect the same courtesy in return. If for some reason the book review in our opinion would be below 3 stars, we will contact you with our reason. English only please.
Please contact us with any questions you may have, as we love meeting authors ... newbies and established! Let's help out one another.



Please check out our Posted Reviews, as we  have had some wonderful books to review!   Also ... stop by our Guest Author page and meet some of our favorite authors.