Sparrow on a House ... By Billie Houston

In 1943 Sara Carson leaves her farm home and goes to Orange, Texas to work in the ship yards. There she meets and falls in love with soldier Kent Holden. Three days later they are married. Less than a week after that he ships out to North Africa. Sara moves back to the farm to help her mother with her ailing grandmother and her father who is losing his hold on reality.

Now it is 1945. Germany has surrendered and Kent is coming home. Sara comes to grips with the realization that she has married a stranger. She loves her husband, but she doesn't know him. She has married in haste. Is she condemned to repent at leisure?


Sparrow on a Housetop by Billie Houston took me by complete surprise! Houston depicted the time period accurately without dragging out any unnecessary details to bog the story down, following through with character growth and development. I must say I enjoyed the references to a few books that I recognized!

The horrendous harshness of battles that the soldiers faced, effected the outcome of their homecoming and the start of new lives. Sara faced the unknown of what life would be with a husband that she only knew a few days before going off to war. To the surprise and shock of her family, Kent is somewhat welcomed into an eclectic array of family members...on both sides of the family.

I have to say, my feelings for Kent were not favorable at first, as Houston used her skill of writing to make my emotions doubt his sincerity about his love for Sara and then building suspicion of what his character was really about.

Throughout the story, faith may or may not touch and heal lives as we can easily recognize the life altering events that happen... possible the same occurrences that  have touched our own lives. 

Yes, of course I cried at the end a little bit, but remembering that we don't always understand the ways of God, He is always in control!

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Now is your chance to have DC and Marvel illustrator Sergio Cariello make your child's dream come true!


David C Cook is proud to introduce the newest book in the Action Bible collection: The Action Storybook Bible (coming October 2017). Pre-order The Action Storybook Bible from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or to reserve your copy today. Plus click the graphic below to enter to have a chance to win an illustration of your child as a super hero by Action Bible artist Sergio Cariello (who has also illustrated comics for DC and Marvel!).

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Families see the Bible in motion and put their faith into action! The Action Storybook Bible invites families with young children to explore God's redemptive story together. An entry point into the world of The Action Bible, it tells of the amazing creation story, powerful kings who reigned over ancient Israel, God's miraculous gift of eternal life through Jesus, and more! God's promise for the world is displayed throughout every page. Discover your family's place in God's incredible story and together put your faith into action! Interactive features include:
  • Fifteen key episodes from God's Word-each one loaded with several stories along with over 350 brand-new illustrations throughout.
  • Short and easy readings-for children ages eight and under with rich, colorful images.
  • Life, Faith, Action! features-conclude every episode and invite families to talk about how God moves in the stories, how to see God in life today, how to put faith into action, and how to easily talk to God with a suggested prayer.
  • Hall of Fame visual index-the place to look up favorite Bible characters by discovering their icon connections and finding them in the stories.
Learn more and purchase a copy here.


                                                 Theodora's Children ... by Rick Nau

Gretchen is her name. She's the heroine of the story. Some people call her Gretch the Wretch. Not a very nice thing to say about someone, especially if they suffer from a loneliness so intense it could blow the roof off the sky. Certainly she's not the only person in the world who's felt this way. You might have felt this way yourself. Or you might feel this way at this very moment, just as Gretchen felt at the beginning of her story. This isn't to say she's not a wonderful person. If you get to know her, you'll find out how wonderful she is. If you don't, you'll never know. 


This book is for anyone who loves:
  • Stories with a solid Christian Theme
  • Stories that are Bigger than Life
  • Stories about Courage
  • Stories about Overcoming Fear
  • Stories about Friendship
  • Christmas


Theodoria's Children by Rick Nau is delightful story told by a loving great grandfather to his two rambunctious great grandchildren. The story captivates the children with amazing over the top embellishments of a little lonely girl which entices them to ask questions and add their opinions.

This novel is a spiritual journey, full of hidden meanings and symbolic imagery about finding faith in God. At first I thought it
would be a great read for younger children, but the story of Gretchen took so many turns that I got confused as to where the tale was going and what the symbolisms were representing.

All came together in the end, paving the way for the next in the series. If you love allegories, this is the book for you!

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                                            Eden on the Frontier by Cheryle Williams

A time of new beginnings brings out the best and worst in any family.

Spring 1772 on the colonial Pennsylvania frontier. Eden Anna Blair, age seventeen, travels with her family of Scots-Irish pioneers via packhorses to search for land near the Forks of the Ohio. A ten-day walk in a long caravan of farmers and traders can test anyone’s mettle.

During the trek, Eden finds friendship with three impressive young men. Daniel and Donovan Briggs are brothers who labor as tree cutters and proudly push a cart of their own tools. Solomon Redding, educated but poor, is headed to a plantation where he’ll tutor a rich family’s sons.

It will be at least a year before Eden is free to marry anyone. As oldest daughter, her family needs her help while they buy land and build a cabin. Eden is confident she can face any hardship but the heady experience of falling in love.


As I was reading Eden on the Frontier by Cheryle Williams I was so thankful that I live in this day and age. Just so there is no misunderstanding about what I'm going to say, I gave this book a whopping 5 star review!

Author Cheryle Williams story line was complete with just enough detail to immerse me into the time period of the 1770's, but still keep it fresh as a young adult book, with main character Eden Anna Blair struggling to help support her working class family.

Family loyalty was of the utmost importance, even making this relationship a pivotal point of survival. After extreme decisions were made, family disputes kept arising to hinder the marriage match that was decided upon by the head of the family.

The women of those days were treated as the lower class, but Eden was strong and her faithfulness and work ethics stood out as a shining star, but working class families and rich families knew their places in the order of life which lead to difficulties in getting along and trusting one another. Still, love blooms but at what cost? A wonderful novel that makes you fully understand hardships that we take for granted now days.

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Christmas Love and Mercy (Christmas Hotel Book 5) ... By Saundra Staats McLemore

Chris Wright, the youngest child of Christopher and Jerilyn, is now thirty-two years old. He's prayed many years for a Godly woman to marry and join him in carrying on the mission of Christmas Hotel. All his siblings are married with children and one with a grandchild. He wonders what's wrong with him. Although his life is full with the management of Christmas Hotel; he's lonely. His only constant companion is his dog Fritz.

He reacquaints with lovely Lori Anna Stanley; someone he has known all her nineteen years. She sweeps into his life like a breath of fresh air. Is it possible Chris will have the wife and family of his dreams? An idyllic union exists until Chris has reason to question God and his faith. Unforeseen difficulties spiral out of control. Only a miracle can save them. Others have found their miracle at Christmas Hotel, but can they?


Do miracles really happen at the quaint and cozy Christmas Hotel all year long? In Christmas Love & Mercy by Saundra Staats McLemore, the prologue sets the tone of this love story ... will the characters re-meet later in life and does misfortune reek havoc in a ripple event, effecting many lives?

A lovely story revolves around the history of the Christmas Hotel, and a special room brings comfort and joy to one of the main characters. Does an angel guide a young mother in the right direction or is it God's will that certain events happen to a couple who hopes to find a love that they have been waiting for.

McLemore reveals painful pasts that help move the story along. Life is not perfect, but it's how we handle the situations that stand in our way. Chris and Lori Anna go through tough times and we are hoping that they can resolve issues that fall before them, but can they? Does God have a different ending that they are planning on?

Christmas Love & Mercy will twist your heart, showing us that God is still in control.

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Some people can only dream of living out their fantasies. Cupcake shop owner Denie Shaw is the exception to the rule. This young, witty and charming woman seems to have a perfectly balanced life.

Years of making bad relationship decisions had given Denie, owner of Icing, the opportunity not only to become a strong, successful business woman, but also managed to involve her three best friends in her crazy cupcake adventures. Denie’s sweet life gets turned upside down when she meets her crush, Tom Billingsly, right wing for the Cleveland Monsters hockey team.

Together, Denie and Tom strike up a relationship that seems to have all the right ingredients. Will Denie allow the fear of heartache to guide her choice, or will she take the leap of faith and trust God to provide a solid recipe for her life?

Available at


Christmastide at Bald Head Island ... By  Rose Allen McCauley, Loretta Gibbons, Jackie Layton, Jennifer Collins Johnson

Literature weaves its way through the hearts of the Jordan family women. Matriarch, Grace Jordan, has a particular affinity for William Shakespeare. Just as his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, spins a tale of the planning of one wedding but ends with three ceremonies, Grace and her two daughters, Rosalind and Miranda, discover rekindled love while planning Rosalind's daughter, Jane Anne's Christmas wedding. In a twist of fate, ceremony plans change. However, just like Elizabeth Bennett and Anne Shirley from Jane Austen and Lucy Montgomery's respective classic tales, all four Jordan women discover what—and who—will make them truly happy.


What a delightful chain of romantic stories, linked by four different authors who build upon each other's stories to complete a series of events. Christmastide at Bald Head Island fills you with the warmth of love and the hope that dependence and trust in God will deliver you through the ups and downs of life.

Each story has a main theme on the related characters, leaving the last story to pull it altogether. Although each story has a stand out moment, I must say I enjoyed the opening of Layered with Love (book two) since it gave me the satisfaction that Grace acted as a real mom would about a past love that "weaseled" his way back into her daughter's life!

Christmastide at Bald Head Island has it's surprises and emotional drive. Laced with bible verses, what a great book to snuggle up with to remind you that God does work in mysterious ways.

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Making the most of your single life: Living with a purpose ... Amy Ekwegh


This is a little book with a big punch. In a few attention-grabbing chapters, Amy explores how one can appreciate and seize the moment to live a purposeful life as a single by covering the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Making the Most of Your Single Life should definitely grace the shelf of any single who wants to maximize every moment of their single life.


Don't be fooled by the title of Amy Ekwegh's book Making The Most Of Your Single Life: Living With A Purpose. This book is for everyone who desires a clean, wholesome, and satisfying walk with God.

Yes, this book only strengthens the resolve of healthy living for single people, whether it's your intention to marry or not. I love how Amy puts it ... "You are not half a person looking for another half to complete you. You are a whole person with full potentials and gifts inside you waiting to find expression."   What an amazing way to sum up the life you are living.  It opened my eyes up even as a married women, reminding me not to forget who I am in God.

The chapters reveal how everyday life relates with our walk with God. The way Ekwegh explains the real truth about beauty, cleanliness, and everyday activities makes you stop and think twice about the direction you are going in.

I found this to be a fabulous, contemporary read and a great comfort and encouragement to single people as well as those who just want to improve their "health" with God.

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Super Kids Code: Green Bully Trouble! ... by Kurt Zimmerman

Even super heroes get bullied!

Bullies are everywhere. In Bully Trouble, Madyson and Jordyn Green fly half way around the world to confront one of the world's greatest bullies, only to have to deal with the same problem at their own school! The Super Kids use several different tactics to confront the problem, and team up with the U.S. Navy to teach one bully a lesson he will never forget!


When a fun loving girl comes up with excuses on why she doesn't want to go to school, an adventurous encounter with Grandpa and his flying machine takes off to a wonderful and well told adventure, geared for middle school or even younger children that have encountered bullying.

Super Kids Code: Green! Bully Trouble! by Kurt Zimmerman provides enough excitement to grab hold of and captivate even an adult's attention. Grandpa guides the two young girls through a tough situation, proving that even in real life "You can make an outstanding difference in somebody's life.."

An outstanding book to share with all children, whether you realize your child is being bullied or not...perfect length to keep you hooked until the end!

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A big THANKS to Linda B. Davis for the awesome interview with author Debra Sue Brice.
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                                      Healing Love ... by Jennifer Slattery


Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery meshes two completely different lives and lifestyles together as this story tells how God's divine intervention is brought to light.

Slattery takes extreme poverty and a reasonably comfortable life and entwines them into a remarkable Christian romance.

It was almost like reading two different stories, jumping from America to El Salvador ... but soon it all made sense how and why  things would come together. In fact, there is also a sub plot so well described, that it will make your heart ache until the final end.

A passionate story with the love of God overcoming and shining through any struggle that befalls the characters, Slattery has certainly portrayed God's Healing Love.

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Debra Sue Brice

Icing by Debra Sue Brice is in a one week Book contest...June 11 until June 18th.

                 Will you help? A simple vote will do wonders for an author in book promotions!


- Vote for Icing, but only vote once a day ( You must wait a full 24 hours to vote again or the vote will not count and no cheating)
- Share cover wars with everyone so they can come and show their support


             S'mores: Gourmet Treats For Every Occasion ... By Lisa Adams

S'mores takes the classic campfire treat to an unbelievably yummy new level! Lisa Adams has set out to create recipes for s'mores that really live up to their name and leaving everyone clamoring for "some more!" S'mores shares dozens of delightful recipes that use fruits, chocolates of every variety, sauces, breads, cookies and more to embellish the classic s'more and add variety, creativity, and fun to the fire.
Delicious new takes on the classic campfire dessert.


And just when you thought you've had it all, S'mores: Gourmet Treats For Every Occasion by Lisa Adams adds a new twist on this classic campfire treat! Yep, I'm one of those people that just slaps together the graham crackers, chocolate and roasted marshmallows and have a bit of heaven in a couple of bites!  But wait...oh no, now I found some super original ideas (too bad I couldn't think of these on my own) to delight my taste buds into

This book gets really creative with the ingredients always keeping the common denominator on the roasted 'mallow, in fact who needs to go camping when you can create gourmet treats at home, even making a huge batch at one time in your oven!

Beautifully illustrated, you'll be drooling over each page trying to decide which one you want to try first. I say, skip the camping and dive into these "ooey gooey" treats as soon as possible!


Toasted Coconut Caramel:

2 to 3 Hershey's Caramel Kisses
1/2 graham cracker
1 Jet-Puffed Toasted coconut marshmallow
1 Samoa Girl Scout Cookie

Arrange the Kisses on the graham cracker and melt. Watch the Kisses carefully so that they just begin to melt. Roast the marshmallow. Once the chocolate has melted, remove graham cracker from the heat and top with roasted marshmallow. Finish with Somoa cookie.

Mexican Chocolate:

1 marshmallow
Milk Chocolate
1/2 graham cracker
1 soft snickerdoodle

Roll the marshmallow in cinnamon, coating evenly. Arrange the chocolate on the graham cracker and melt. Roast the marshmallow. When the marshmallow is almost done, heat the cookie to soften. Once the chocolate has melted, remove graham cracker from heat and top with roasted marshmallow and cookie.

Banana Caramel:

2 to 3 Hershey's Caramel Kisses
1 graham cracker, broken in half
1 marshmallow
4 banana slices

Arrange the Kisses on the half of the graham cracker and melt. Roast the marshmallow. Once the chocolate has melted, remove graham cracker from heat and add sliced bananas, pressing them into the chocolate carefully. Add roasted marshmallow and top with remaining graham cracker.


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    Driver Confessional (Driver Series Book 1) ... By David L. Winters

Antonio, a law student and part-time ride-share driver, cruises the streets of Washington, D.C. for his next fare. His gentle manner and Italian good looks lead many to confess more than they intended. On a particularly dark night, a mysterious woman bares her soul and throws Antonio into a world of secrets. With his police officer brother and close circle of friends, he must solve a murder and thwart international terrorists before its too late.


I was held captive just as the riders were captivated by the handsome, relaxed Buber driver in Drivers Confessional by David L. Winters. Each passenger usually asked the familiar question of why Antonio drove for a living, while quickly moving on to share what was going on in their own lives, since really, does a Buber driver even care or remember what they have to say?

This low-skilled job helped pay for Antonio's law school education while taking him around Washington's rich and powerful playmakers in every assortment of profession. Who knew that one of these characters was going to change his life in the most dramatic and intense way.

A murder takes place, throwing Antonio as well as his family and friends into a quick  and escalating frenzy. This story drives fast and furious as he sorts out clues and delves into his own investigation, allowing God to help give him wisdom and protection.

If this was a piece of art, I would have to say it has clean, smooth lines, as I enjoyed Winter's use of key words to describe the characters and set the tone. I could feel the rush of driving through the streets of Washington, trying to avoid a nasty outcome if unfortunately being caught. The mystery itself was very believable especially in today's political climate and environmentally conscious world.

If you enjoy Christian Mystery at a fast pace, this is for you!

                               Amazon Review


    Wicked Girl (THE FIRE) (Volume 1)  ... By Mcebo Michael Metfula


It is a fact too big to be ignored. All life will come to an end eventually. New York Blogger Elijah Turner’s life also ends abruptly. His wife and kids wail uncontrollably and hopelessly. However, God gives him a second chance – to sort his mess. He brings him back to life. But his new life takes a spine-chilling turn. He even curses the day he was brought back to life: ‘death was far better.’ ---Based on a true story---


Wicked Girl by Mcebo Michael Metfula had a unique writing style that drove his story from person to person, day to day and hour by hour. Each chapter revealed new back stories to put together this mystery puzzle.

New York Blogger Elijah Turner deals with the difficulty of his memory since returning from the dead. A life altering incident involving his family only increases Elijah's thoughts of his impending sanity. Has his life been what he thought it was, or did his amnesia dissolve any reality that he has delved into.

An intense read at a speeding high rate, facts and lies will come to a surprising conclusion along with twists and turns in this suspenseful mystery.

                                      Amazon Review


                                                                       A Life to Live ... By Toni Shiloh

Mia is headed to the famed Nottingham for a month long vacation. She never imagined she’d run into her high-school sweetheart thousands of miles away from her home town. Why would God throw them back together?
Caleb always regretted the way things ended with his high-school girlfriend, Mia. After a chance encounter in the streets of Nottingham, Caleb feels God is giving him a second chance to right the wrongs he committed. Unbeknownst to him, Mia has secrets that may require his forgiveness. Will her past overshadow his wrongs?
As Mia and Caleb work through old hurts and broken hearts will they let the blessing of forgiveness redeem their relationship?


I have to say this book cover actually called out to me. The tone of the blue background infused with rain made me wonder if this couple really had a once in a lifetime chance. A Life To Live by Toni Shiloh had already set the feeling of this romantic fiction.

Shiloh's prologue details the reason behind the title, and explains why Mia is taking a wonderfully planned out vacation, but does it really turn out how it was planned? Placing her trust in God and depending on His help in important decisions, Mia's life takes on amazing twists including secrets that have been hidden for years.

I enjoyed the easy flow of this story having enough detail to picture the lovely Mia, her passion for purple and the lush setting of the country side of Britain. A wonderful story encompassing God's grace and forgiveness.

                                                Amazon Review


Contemporary Psalms: A Daily Reader ... By Whitney McKendree Moore

This volume offers thanks and praise from what our LORD calls "the womb of the morning." The 365 daily readings included here provide seed for growing in personal relationship with the Divine Maker of the Universe. May our hearts reach higher and our souls dig deeper as we take root and seek to grow ever upwards toward the Son.


Who could wait the 365 days to read these amazingly, encouraging passages! Contemporary Psalms: A Daily Reader by Whitney McKendree Moore adds her prayerful insights to some familiar and not so familiar versus of the Bible.

It's always a delight to read God's word first thing in the morning to "get us going." I read this book while our church was on a ten day fast and as God would have it, the versus and enhancements enriched my daily devotions.

The introduction explains the title of the beautiful cover painting of this book, along with a heartfelt thanks to Veronica Benning who's amazing graphite drawings which are "sprinkled" throughout the book.

If you are looking for a daily devotional guide, or just want to read and be encouraged by God's word with some uplifting thoughts, look no further, you found it!

                                  Amazon Review