Are you one of our readers who have wondered how we came up with our Blog Name?

How did we become "Brice's Mice?" ... The girls entered us in the Cleveland Challenge Nation (where teams dash around the city solving clues, exploring new parts of the city and compete for a chance to participate in the National Championships)  Being the Disney Freaks that we are ... the name was a perfect fit!

Later, David and I supported the "Brice's Mice" team of Lisa Lynn and Debra Sue with their 5K Expedition Everest Challenge hosted by Run Disney, in which they came in 14th out of 500 in their age group.      

The name "Brice's Mice" continues to branch out in different areas, but will always bring us back to the strong family ties that bond us together!

Now that Debra Sue has become a published  author, we found it very challenging to promote new books from small or self publishers, and to get those precious reader's reviews.

We felt if we were struggling, there must be other "newbie" or low review books out there too...thus our Blog began. We put our heads together and came up with a book review policy in hopes that authors could help one another.

As it turns out, we have met amazing readers as well as authors...and have broaden our "tastes" in different genres that we might have never considered.

A big thanks to all who have stopped by, liked and commented. We hope to continue to grow and spread positive reviews and friendships.

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