Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success … By Steve Reynolds and David L. Winters

Taking God to Work challenges believers to break down the barriers between their spiritual life and their vocation. Using rock-solid Biblical advice, Christians are challenged to love others through their work. By combining faith and a heart of service, learn how to rise to new heights of success and freedom in your job. This book shows tangible ways to use your knowledge, skills and ability to co-labor with God each day. Help Him fulfill His plan to reach out to a desperately hurting world. Learn how to deal with troublesome co-workers, using wisdom and kindness to move to the next level in relationships. Watch your goals move from mere self-advancement to doing the most good in service to God.

 Just how amazing is God?  Steve Reynolds and David L. Winters, authors of Taking God To Work, combined their anecdotes and biblical strategies in an easy to understand and everyday "guide book" of ways to maintain your sanity as you interact with various situations and diverse people.

Don't be fooled by the title, as this book is useful for those of us that are no longer in the work force but still have to deal with the wild and somewhat dysfunctional friends that are in our lives.

So how do we do that? The authors remind us that God is our CEO, our daily manager, our friend and best of all …"His office door is open." I enjoyed the stories of the Spotlight Features  along with the study questions to help personally drive home the importance of how God's teachings can be applied to us. 

Having trouble with:

Cursing, anger, lying, overeating, stress, fear, debt, anxiety … just a few in a huge list of trouble spots that bombard us and place us in "sticky" situations. Do you want to be free from living paycheck to paycheck … is that really possible?

Taking God To Work came into my life while studying the book of Daniel, and I found it so compatible with my studies that I couldn't stop reading it, as it enhanced the magnitude of the power God has given us to break the bonds that others put on us, if we will accept His word and love. 

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Blessed Are the Contrarians: Diary of a Journey Through Interesting Times ... By S.R. Piccoli

Blessed are the contrarians, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. But they must be very, very careful in these Interesting Times! Contrarians are those who go against the current (as the dictionary states), who take opposing stands from the majority: in the stock markets they buy when others sell and vice-versa; in religious matters, if they are Christians, they continue to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, in spite of the Zeitgeist, and if they are not they have the utmost respect for what Christianity is all about and for its contribution to civilization. In matters of culture, education and lifestyles, they are “old-fashioned” while the rest of the world seems to be hell bent on transmuting order into chaos. This book is a kind of diary of a journey through our time—politics, culture, lifestyles, worldviews, etc.—and back home again, where “home” stands for a sense of belonging to something stronger than the spirit of our times. In other words what this book represents is a sort of explanation—though not a systematic one—of why the Author disagrees with certain mainstream views in several domains. And this from a conservative and Christian point of view, that is to say the perspectives that come under severe attack from secular and progressive ideologies, the over-influential schools of thought of our time.


Blessed Are the Contrarians: Diary of a Journey Through Interesting Times by S.R. Piccoli was quite the eye opener for me. It revived old memories of past events, some that I could relate to and some new enlightening facts. After reading the dedication I knew this was going to be a most unusual read for me.

The diaries are compilations of his past blogs of actual current events at the time of writing these blogs, infused with his point of view.  "The "diary" entries are not arranged in any chronological order, but in accordance to subject pertinence."

Piccoli is an extrodinary writer and sometimes a bit over my head as I am not a very detailed related reader, but these blogs where brimmed with various opinions and facts and a few stood out for me. Loved the blog about the Monks (who will replace them), the Shroud of Turin, and the Saudi Women's sexy eyes.

A few thoughts were given on Obama, Rubio and Romney and human cloning...nicely done.

I recommend Blessed Are the Contrarians: Diary of a Journey Through Interesting Times by S.R. Piccoli for readers who enjoy bits and pieces of current history presented in a casual format.

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Making the most of your single life: Living with a purpose ... Amy Ekwegh


This is a little book with a big punch. In a few attention-grabbing chapters, Amy explores how one can appreciate and seize the moment to live a purposeful life as a single by covering the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Making the Most of Your Single Life should definitely grace the shelf of any single who wants to maximize every moment of their single life.


Don't be fooled by the title of Amy Ekwegh's book Making The Most Of Your Single Life: Living With A Purpose. This book is for everyone who desires a clean, wholesome, and satisfying walk with God.

Yes, this book only strengthens the resolve of healthy living for single people, whether it's your intention to marry or not. I love how Amy puts it ... "You are not half a person looking for another half to complete you. You are a whole person with full potentials and gifts inside you waiting to find expression."   What an amazing way to sum up the life you are living.  It opened my eyes up even as a married women, reminding me not to forget who I am in God.

The chapters reveal how everyday life relates with our walk with God. The way Ekwegh explains the real truth about beauty, cleanliness, and everyday activities makes you stop and think twice about the direction you are going in.

I found this to be a fabulous, contemporary read and a great comfort and encouragement to single people as well as those who just want to improve their "health" with God.

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Contemporary Psalms: A Daily Reader ... By Whitney McKendree Moore

This volume offers thanks and praise from what our LORD calls "the womb of the morning." The 365 daily readings included here provide seed for growing in personal relationship with the Divine Maker of the Universe. May our hearts reach higher and our souls dig deeper as we take root and seek to grow ever upwards toward the Son.


Who could wait the 365 days to read these amazingly, encouraging passages! Contemporary Psalms: A Daily Reader by Whitney McKendree Moore adds her prayerful insights to some familiar and not so familiar versus of the Bible.

It's always a delight to read God's word first thing in the morning to "get us going." I read this book while our church was on a ten day fast and as God would have it, the versus and enhancements enriched my daily devotions.

The introduction explains the title of the beautiful cover painting of this book, along with a heartfelt thanks to Veronica Benning who's amazing graphite drawings which are "sprinkled" throughout the book.

If you are looking for a daily devotional guide, or just want to read and be encouraged by God's word with some uplifting thoughts, look no further, you found it!

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You Inspire Me ... By Tondeleya Allen

Inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting, "You Inspire Me" is a devotional straight from Tondeleya Allen's heart. An optimistic attitude and positive words are liquid gold that can benefit each of us every day. Readers will find tools to triumph struggles, overcome negative thinking, and marginalize the naysayers and dream killers in their lives.

"You Inspire Me" explores the strength of women, our purpose in life, and steps that can be taken to transform our lives and make

Tondeleya Allen
our dreams a reality. When we maintain hearts of gratitude and positive attitudes, there is no task we can't handle.
Author of "The Blessed Woman Endeavor," "You Really Do Deserve Me," and "A Good Sandwich Can Save a Marriage," Tondeleya Allen believes that faith is the cure for what ails us and that women have enough grace and strength coursing through our veins to handle every ounce of pressure life sends our way. 

I always know when a read a book by Tondeleya Allen, you better have a highlighter on hand or paper and pencil to take notes!  You Inspire Me has done it to me again! I look down at my desk and see all kinds of gems that I found from this devotional, as actually there isn't any wisdom found here that we can't take away!

I enjoy the easy style of Allen's writing, as if she is talking to me personally, encouraging and helping me get back on the right track. She has her finger on the pulse of women's struggles, defining the problem issues and giving us direction to work on our most difficult situations.

What I think is amazing starts off in the very first part of the book. It doesn't matter that Allen doesn't know us, that she doesn't know our past, or what we have already done with our lives up to now. Her quote from the book:

 I believe that even your pain and heartache can be turned into joy and lessons.  Your gifts can improve this world.

The positivity that is expressed in each chapter drives us forward and encourages us to forget the past and recharge ourselves:

Delegate when you can. Move as your energy, inspiration and time allows.

I always find a special chapter that jumps out at me...this one happens to be Live to Create. Allen shares a story about her mom that I believe implanted her gift of writing:

Whether I’m weaving words, mixing textiles, sewing without patterns or cooking without recipes, I enjoy experiencing the freedom and playfulness of expression.

A must read for all women in any stage of life, as you will be uplifted with God's love and faithfulness.

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Scriptures and Meditations for Your Best Life Now ... by Joel Osteen

If you're like me, you don't want to live your life with a 'barely-get-by' mentality. You want to crack the ordinary mold and become the best you can be. You want to break the power of the past and the chains of limitations and feelings of inadequacy. You want to learn how to live your best life now and discover the joy, peace, and enthusiasm that God has for you. In this book, you will discover just how to do that! Allow the Scriptures to speak to you. Be still and listen to what God is saying through His words. Explore what it means to enlarge your vision. Learn what God has to say about you and allow Him to rebuild your self-image. Understand the power of your thoughts and words, and begin to let go of the past. Renew your strength despite whatever adversity you face. Learn to live as a person who gives generously without reservations, and choose to be happy.


Wow! ... This was another great gift from my girls. Joel Osteen is so positive and finds the scriptures that really mend our hearts and souls. The book has so many of my book markers in that I actually I just keep re-reading the whole book.
As Joel says: Set your mind on the right course. Start every day by agreeing with the psalmist, "This is the day the Lord has made, and I'm going to be happy. I'm going to go out and be productive. This is going to be a great day." Magnify your God, and go out each day expecting good things.


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Be Blessed, Living God's Life of Blessings: 25 Devotions for Women ... by Jane L. Fryar


This sweet little devotional book was given to me by my girls. You get so relaxed reading and meditating on the Word...lovely pictures, great fonts and scriptures that are uplifting. Each day is two pages long, just a short
reminder of who is in charge!

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Victory Over Cancer! Vol 1: How To Take Control And Live (Volume 1) ... by Joseph Marx

After years of living with chronic acid reflux, the author discovered he had a very deadly cancer and set himself on a quest to be healed. This book is a story about his journey and reveals spectacular natural cancer therapies––that any patient can safely do at home––that are scientifically based––that have the potential to prolong life beyond anything conventional treatment can do alone.
What distinguishes this book is that the author exposes alternative cancer treatments that are little known by most people and are not part of the conventional cancer treatment system, or part of the national discussion.
For instance, this book shows cancer patients how to immediately attack their cancer, slow its rate of growth, reverse its growth and even cure it, using a diet strategy that exploits little known metabolic abnormalities of cancer, and also therapeutic levels of exercise, and targeted natural substances. It fact, it is entirely possible for a patient to literally eat their cancer to death.
Discover How To:
* Fix poor digestion and inflammation, key factors of cancer. * Use food as medicine in an anticancer diet. * Take control of the treatment plan early on, and how to avoid the many pitfalls with diagnostics, medical records, and insurance. * Integrate alternative cancer treatment remedies with conventional medicine. * Use exercise, alkaline diet, and natural supplements to smartly contain and attack cancer. * Use Sodium Bicarbonate to fight cancer. * Use cancer's metabolic weaknesses against it by using a combination of a low sugar diet, Ketogenic diet, and low methionine diet. * Prevent recurrence and know what to do if it comes back. * Determine if an Alternative cancer center is for you. * The power of faith in healing cancer.
AS A BONUS: * A list of extensively researched Alternative cancer centers. * Detailed table of foods by level of methionine. * List of foods by level of sugar content. * Explanation of how to stage your cancer. * Early detection blood and chemo sensitivity tests. * Natural substance sensitivity tests for novel IV Therapy.
APPROPRIATE FOR: Breast cancer, Bladder cancer, Brain cancer, Colon cancer, Endometrial cancer, Esophageal cancer, Kidney cancer, Laryngeal cancer, Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Melanoma, Oral cancer, Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer,
Prostate cancer, Stomach cancer, Throat cancer, and most other cancers.


Victory Over Cancer by Joseph Marx wasn't what I was expecting, it was more then I hoped for. After devouring this book, highlighting passages that I found important to me, I  had to stop a few times to think back on my beloved family members that had lost the battle to Cancer. Thanks to author Marx who gives us his well documented story, I now realize how far we have come in helping ourselves overcome the once thought of incurable disease.

Yes, we do need the help and advice from trusted doctors but Marx has given us the alternative methods that could change the difference of the life and death battle with Cancer. I was also encourage by the fact that the story was laced with Bible verses of hope and encouragement along with the power of prayer shared with family and friends.

This book is set up in a format that tells us the battle that Marx was having, then explained how and why he chose the methods that he used. I was blown away by the powerful effect of diet changes and just letting go of bad habits. Finding the right treatment centers that will work with you and your healing is of the utmost importance, as surgery might not always be the first thing to do.

Loved the back of the book, as it has extensive information of types of foods we need to take a second look at. This book is not only for those going through Cancer treatments, but for those who are willing to first trust in God for wisdom and getting on the right path to a healthier lifestyle that will benefit you personally. An amazing, encouraging story.

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God's Faith Mirror: Do You Glance or Gaze Into Your Daily Mirror? ... by Elrich Martin

This is a book with two stories by two characters, Enrico and Alison from different backgrounds, with different needs and wants but at the end they are hunger for the same destiny, to know Jesus and to discover their calling. There are a mixture of happiness, heartache and suspense leading through each individual’s life as they find their gift and the heavenly mirror they represent. They learn through their daily problems and joy, what it is they need to overcome the enemy. Meet the Holy Spirit as they are led to their purpose in life and the supernatural occurrences, leading to growth and understanding how to fight the good fight. Meet the people they lean on during their storms who have carried over their weapons to fight their battles over to them and gave them the spiritual tools to keep their eyes on Jesus. From the Author of new breath, new life for new day comes this gripping story that will keeping you wanting more as you learn to know these people with everyday issues and feel the Holy Spirit within the pages. Some may feel that the story is representing their lives and will want to apply these tools of spiritually for their daily own lives.


I was moved by the beautiful Dedication that Elrich Martin, Christian author of God's Faith Mirror: Do You Glance or Gaze Into Your Daily Mirror, wrote to his wife and two daughters, such a loving husband and father.

The Forward sets the tone of the two stories, each completely different, but each finding out how God's reflection in their lives helped them to understand the life they were living. Some parts where heartbreaking, but author Martin kept the main flow of the book in an even pace.

I love the whole concept of how we see ourselves as looking into a mirror and seeing God's reflection of how other people see us. Here's just a preview of the book...Do you see yourself as God's image or your own self-image where the outer matter more than the inner? Do you realize you and me are representing God on this earth...

This book is broken down into easy to understand chapters, depicting each mirror of our emotions. The question will we react to the reflections of God?

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 New Breath, New Life for a New Elrich Martin

This is a true life story how Elrich Martin overcame his daily storms and learned to deal with his past and current storms through faith in Jesus Christ. 2012 was the years of amazing setbacks due to a very rare neurological disease which left a healthy individual like Elrich, fighting for his life and to embrace faith in the Lord Jesus. This is a three-year journey of endurance and having to keep the faith, even though the loss was significant at first, gain came when Elrich released his own efforts to fight this disease and all that came with it and kept his eyes focused on Jesus instead of the natural and had God fight for him.

Our Review

New Breath, New Life for a New Day by Elrich Martin is a mesmerizing testimony of his journey through a horrific physical storm. An onset disease turned his life upside down, and his struggle to manage through the pain effected his whole family. His faith in God deepened, while working his way through this nightmare. He tells us how God's strength is made perfect in or weakness, expressing many references to God's word, which is very refreshing.
A truly remarkable story that could actually bring tears to your eyes. Hopefully, all who read this testimony will be encouraged to place your trust in an amazing, healing God.
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                                                                 Beyond The Amy Ekwegh

Beyond the Pews by Amy Ekwegh is an incisive look at church as we do it today, compared to what Christ intends that church should be. With the delicate precision of a surgeon, she cuts to the bone, slicing away the dead flesh of pretence, religion and lukewarm commitment.


There are so many references in this book to describe the content that I would like to use, but then I'd just be repeating the whole book! I had to try to condense my thoughts and focus on the main idea.
Amy has a relaxed and non-judgemental style of explaining why just going to Church is not enough to grow personally in your walk with God. Scriptures are used to backup and support her teachings of faith in our Lord, and the workings and importance of the Holy Spirit.
I love the way Amy sets up the comparisons of our daily encounter with God, to the reality of how we are really walking with Him. She brings our attention to re-evaluate our knowledge of the scriptures, where we are learning them from, and actually putting into use the true meaning of knowing the heart of God.                                                                              
A great and insightful read, recommended for everyone 
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                                                              The Blessed Woman Tondeleya Allen

Everyday life presents many challenges for women. We are not alone though. Masterfully created, women were born to be a blessing, to be productive, and to walk with God. Yet, distractions, dangerous perceptions, and unhealthy relationships threaten to derail our ability to fully experience joyful living. No matter who you are, what you’re facing or what disappointments lie in your past, God loves you and wants to be present in your life. His awesome love will guide us, strengthen us, and transform our hearts and enrich every area of our lives. The Lord truly knows what we endure. The responsibilities of womanhood, marriage, motherhood and careers can be a tremendous deal to balance. Trying to honor biblical virtues, while combating today’s worldly standards, requires wisdom and strength from the Lord.  

Our Review

I prayed before writing this review, as I so wanted to bring this book alive and share the amazing insights and lessons that The Blessed Woman Endeavor by Tondeleya Allen has to offer. First off, this book is a must read for women of all ages, single or married. In fact, there is a chapter devoted to the guys in our lives, Husbands Love Her Tender 101 that gently tells what women want and deserve. I took so many notes, that finally I threw them out and decided to just go with my heart on this book.

I believe this book should be a companion read along with our daily devotions. Each chapter is full of love, thankfulness, respect and wisdom of God. The author is writing from first hand experience, and instead of making this a manual of strict rules on how to overcome storms, she writes as if she was just sitting next to you, encouraging you, saying this is what God has for you and you can make it happen.
There are a few chapters that really stuck out to me, the first was the love letter she wrote to her daughters. How could any mother not be brought to tears by this heartfelt letter? The Best Dressed Man is not what you might think it means, and Ladies Love Yourselves is quite the eye opener.  The difference between strong women vs. strong willed women and submission is thoughtfully explained.

Each chapter should be read a day to let the richness of what God can do for us sink in and think about which scripture we need to use to build a better relationship with God and the men in our lives. I enjoyed her straight talk about making choices that are healthy for mind, body and spirit. As Tondeleya said, "never apologize to anyone for choices that work for you." 
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I Deserve a Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat): A Christian Weight Loss Resource

By Barb Raveling

 When you’re in a tempting situation, all you can think of is the food. How good it looks. How good it smells. How good it will taste. What you need is a way to break the hold food has on you. I Deserve a Donut will help. It is a hands-on, use-it-in-the-thick-of-the-battle book that will help you renew your mind right when you need it.

It's filled with 150+ Bible verses, 37 sets of questions, and 20 sets of tips—all specifically chosen to help you take off the lies that make you eat and put on the truth that will set you free. As you renew your mind, you’ll notice your desires changing. You’ll actually want to follow your boundaries. And that will make it easier to say no to the donut.



I wasn't too sure what to expect when I started to read I Deserve A Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat) by Barb Raveling. It's not quite a diet book, but more of a "renewal of your mindset" about the way you are eat.
The author breaks down the different reasons why we eat, (which was right on the spot)  and then categorizes  the scriptures to remind us what God would have us do about the situation we are in that would cause us to break our "boundaries" that we have set for ourselves in our eating habits.
You as the reader, are to identify the current problem you are in, refer to that section in the book (also in iPhone app), and read the listed scriptures that would help us understand what God would have us to think upon, renewing our strength in Him.
The whole essence of this book is to change our mind in the way we eat, so that we will become pleasing to God and comforted by Him.  "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2
I loved and enjoyed all the scriptures that the author provided, but found this book to be more of a bible type study book, as it would help us in our daily walk with God, but not so much as a diet book. Maybe it's just me who feels this way about this book, as I have read the reviews already posted, and it seems to have helped other people with their struggle with food.

After reading the listed scriptures, I would like healthy food suggestions, meal plans, activities, along with maybe some Christian group interaction to help actually take off the pounds. I felt the author left us with the question of... what do I do next with my hunger?

For this reason, I have given this book two ratings.

For Bible Study

                                       For Diet Book



You Really Do Deserve Me: 52 Quick Super Wife Affirmations & Promises Kindle Edition...By Tondeleya Allen   

    You Really Do Deserve Me explores just a few of the qualities of a Super Wife, some things we can all try to have more peace in our marriages, and little ways wives can support and complement their husbands. defines complement this way: “something that completes or makes perfect.” That beautiful definition succinctly fits a Super wife to a T.

A Super wife is queen of motivation in her home. Her grace, strength, insight, comfort, resolve during a storm, brilliance, and even her joy make up a very unique skill-set that any man would be blessed to have. A Super Wife faces every challenge with optimism and strives to handle day-to-day circumstances with grace, strength, and humor. 

Tondeleya Allen, author of "The Blessed Woman Endeavor," believes every wife has the power to complement her husband and inspire him to be a better man.


When I know I'll be reading a book by Tondeleya Allen, I make sure I am in my quite spot, where I can absorb and really take to heart the teachings of this author.  Her latest book,You Really Do Deserve Me is another example how women can face the challenges of everyday living without going crazy!

The author explains to us her past struggles and heartaches. By using Bible based scripture and her own life experience, she relates to us the possibilities that we as women can achieve. The everyday stress and aggravation brought on by the men in our lives,is addressed in the most reasonable way... that I myself have to say, I think I can do this so let's give it a try. Some parts jab me in the heart and it's an "uh oh" moment, yep I'm certainly not going in the right direction. There is no scolding in this book, just gentle nudges and encouragement.

We need to stop listening to other people and their advice, be bold and follow our dreams by just letting go of our anger in the most sensible way. In the first part of the book, Tondeleya gives us a reality scenario, then what to do about it. Just as a teaser, I loved  #22, #30 and #32... some easy, some hard to accept. The bonus chapters are filled with so much love and common sense, that they need to be read over and over until it sinks in your soul.

We will all read and react to this book in a different way according to our situations, but in the end as stated by the author..."The greatest rewards are rarely attached to the easiest challenges."

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FaithMarkers: Biblical Exemplars of Faith to Encourage Believers in These Last Days ... by Edna R. Payne

How deep is your faith? Will your faith hold up against the chaos in your life, in your community, in your world? Is your walk with Jesus Christ one of complete trust in Him? Can God count on you in these last days to do the unthinkable, the remarkable, and even the inexplicable? How far are you willing to go for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus? Going to church every Sunday and being busy with church stuff is not an indication of the depth of one's faith. Those of us who confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior have not been saved merely to exist but to call our faith into action as He wills, in accordance with His Word. FaithMarkers gives a compelling explanation of the term “faith”-what it truly means. In addition, allow Noah, Abraham, Deborah, Job, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Mary, and Paul-these biblical exemplars of faith-to encourage you to stand firm in the faith during these last days. Their faith experiences are powerful and convicting as well as humanly vulnerable and transparent. God has not changed; as these last days wind down to Jesus's return, He wants His relationship with us to be just as powerful, if not more so, as it was with those faithmarkers of antiquity. Will He find faith on Earth when He comes again?


 When I met Edna R. Payne at the Ohio Readers and Writers Expo, I knew by her bubbly personality and her strong faith in God, that her book FaithMarkers: Biblical Exemplars of Faith to Encourage Believers in These Last Days was going to be nothing short of amazing!
Her book starts out with the meaning and explanation of faith and moves on to selected and beloved people of the bible recalling their stories, how they can relate to us now and ending with a "faith lesson."
The book is backed up by scripture text references and what they mean. Edna has dug deeply in the Bible for accurate and appropriate scripture for each story, as she did not want the reader to be hindered or frustrated in trying to figure out what Bible books they represent.
FaithMarkers should be in every Bible school (or study) curriculum as the attention to detail is quite extensive. As stated by the author: "One thing we must remember is that not always will we see the fruits of our faithfulness. We must remember that our faith is for the good of the Kingdom in this life as well as beyond."
A fabulous read for anyone who really wants to dig deeper in God's word.

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When The Lord Teaches: Finding your way out of every struggle ... by Abimbola Adeoti

Problems in life are inevitable but how do we rise above them, or do we just suffer in silence?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with life and despite all your efforts, you feel stuck and nothing seems to work? Or are you at the verge of giving up? Hold on…

“When the Lord teaches” provides you with practical, tested and proven solutions to whatever challenges you might be experiencing. This book reveals the principles of applying God’s teachings to find your way out of your struggles. Leaving no details untouched, He will teach you how to cope with any issue, and walk you through every hurdle you will face in life. Whether you are married or not, or a minister of God, a businessman, whatever you are, after you read this book, you will experience liberation and initiate a path to change. You are guaranteed positive results if you practice everything written in this book with diligence and discipline.


I would highly recommend When The Lord Teaches by Abimbola Adeoti to be bought in paperback version, as after some of the main points that are taught, there is a place to write out your needs and a space to add to your Journal...a great idea to keep your thoughts in order after reading and learning the lesson.


The author backs up all her lessons with accurate and appropriate scriptures. The main train of thought of this book is letting God teach you, how he can teach you, and not letting others influence you in your life. Be connected with God and not only live a healthy physical life, but a healthy spiritual life, by always calling on God first and foremost.

Each chapter touched on different subjects and I particularly enjoyed the chapter on following God's rhythm, along with the chapter on being single.

A great workbook for those who are searching for God's teaching.

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Secrets of an Irresistible Woman by Michelle McKinney Hammond

"Secrets of an Irresistible Woman is required reading for any woman who wants to know how to capture a man’s heart for keeps―and enjoy a full life in the meantime...."
Today's Christian Woman

Now with a brand-new cover, Secrets of an Irresistible Woman (more than 185,000 copies sold) can reach even more women with its time-tested strategies for living full, complete lives and becoming more captivating. Michelle McKinney Hammond calls on Scripture, her own experiences, and the wisdom of others to help every reader become the woman God created her to be—beautiful, gracious, loving, and desirable. Women will discover...
  • what true love really looks like
  • ways to enhance their natural beauty and strengthen weak areas
  • what to look for and what to avoid when dating
Includes an insightful study guide readers can use to better understand themselves and how they relate to God and others.


Lisa Lynn
This book is mainly for single woman, but I still found so many things in this book to be a reminder of what kind of woman God wants every woman to be.  The author goes through 18 key principles and backs up what she talks about with scripture.  A study guide is included in the back of the book that helps the reader delve deeper in each chapter.  I enjoyed the author's examples, and she had a way of explaining the principles which really helped me better grasp the concepts.  I would definitely pick up another book by Michelle McKinney Hammond!