Selling lots and lots of books of course!  But then comes those hard to find coveted book reviews. If you're a "newbie" author or a "seasoned" author finding your book dead-ended with a lack of reviews, having already have gone through family and friends with bribes of cookies and favors, then what?

You search the internet while dipping into that dish of M&M's next to your computer, only to get on a sugar high while finding that many reviewers would love to have your hard earned book money to give you a book review!

"Whew"... Well, we've been there, done that. Putting our heads together we came up with a hopefully, simple idea for you and us. 

We will gladly review your book in accordance with our review policy, (not really very difficult guide lines) leaving a review on Amazon, our blog, Google +, and some of our favorite Google communities.

If you would like to read and review one of our books, (fun, simple Christian reads) leaving an honest, but respectful opinion on Amazon and possibly Good Reads, that would be great, but not mandatory.

Sound good?  Well, check out the rest of our Blog and see what you think. Feel free to ask us questions, as we are just starting out and are always updating our site to fit different needs as they arise.
 "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed"   Proverbs 16:3