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We welcome today Lillian Corrigan, author of The Bricks and Sticks of Life ...

Share with us a bit about yourself.
I'm a newly published author, but I've writing my whole. life. Journaling has helped me through many difficult challenges. It enabled me to find clarity and understanding when life threw a curve my way. Knowing its value, I now hope to use writing to inspire and assist others in gaining new perspective, better understanding, more confidence, and deeper faith, especially during difficult times. I'm from the east coast USA. I enjoy nature and being outdoors hiking, boating, swimming, biking. My family, including my dogs, are my greatest treasure. I like simple things like gardens, animals, sunshine, warm breezes, not to mention pizza and ice cream.

Keeping busy like that, when did you find time to become a writer?
The day I decided to celebrate one of my greatest heroes. I wanted to capture his essence and philosophies and share them. So, in thinking about his life, I took key elements to create a part-true story that would affect others positively.

Wow, so that just flows into our next question...Is there anyone special in your life that influenced your writing?
The Bricks and Sticks of Life is based on a true story about an amazing ordinary person who had an extraordinary impact. As a builder Mitch understood that small elements (like bricks, sticks, nails and cement) unite to create magnificent dwellings. Our lives are no different. Each ordinary moment, event and encounter come together, making us who we are. The book demonstrates many of life's emotions: joy, sorrow, despair and hope, proving that memories, love and relationships build our most solid foundations. We share joys and burdens-doubling and having them in the process. My mentor Mitch and his family laugh, love and learn the meaning of life throughout his journey.

How did you come up with the story The Bricks and Sticks of Life?
After an event that culminates in the book, the idea for writing the story down came to me. In fact, some content within the novel are actual excerpts from my writing during the time around the event. With suggestions that I expand those writings along with a desire to share a very special story, I began to write, emote and grow, putting my feelings on paper.

What were the challenges you faced while writing?
Editing. The initial writing in the case came easily. The first draft was 499 pages. Modifying and editing for quality over quantity was the hardest part.
Marketing. You can have a wonderful and well-written story, but it's very difficult to get more exposure than one's local groups.
Overall... each aspect was worth every ounce of effort (despite my husband informing me that by adding up my invested hours over, he could already have had two new sports cars if I'd chosen to work at the local market instead.)

So I'm guessing your husband didn't get his sports car, so just how long did you write before you got published?
On and off, nine years. This story was not written in sequence. Much of it was complied at different times, in different orders. However, it all came together wonderfully!

Your book cover has a lot of feel to it. Who designed it?
I did. I tried several version, until I found one that fit properly. Like the title, it took a long time, several surveys that probably annoyed my friends and weeks if not months of prayer. But when it finally came to me one morning it was a perfect fit for my hero's life and philosophy.

Knowing about your passion of this novel, what audience would you like to reach?
Everyone...young, old, male, female, short, tall...Readers who are fond of "Hallmark movie" stories and anyone who's experienced a family struggle, joy, fear, despair, prayer, bliss, success, loss, miracles, growth and a hundred other typical life experiences. The story shows how ordinary moments, the good and not-so-good, come together to make us who we are. There's value to discover in it all.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I'm working with a few other authors to complete their works, mostly content editing and coaching. While focusing on those stories, I continue to write inspirational articles each month. I send them to my email group and post many on my website. After their stories are complete, I hope to start my second novel.

You are a very busy gal, so what do you like to do to relax when you aren't writing?
Spend time with my family, playing silly board games or fetch with the dogs.

Thanks Lillian! It's always great to learn about what goes on inside an author's head and then see the amazing results turn out on paper.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely loved this book! It is well written and kept me up way past my bedtime for several nights. I'd like to see a sequel.

Unknown said...

I know, right!!! I loved how she took us through the family dynamics and that they made the best of what they had.