Archie of Outlandish ... by Lynnette Kraft (Author), Abigail Kraft (Illustrator), Jared Kraft (Narrator) 

Archibald Plumby cannot look up … well, at least not very far up. His entire life has been spent underneath the shelter of lowered ceilings and umbrellas, for the slightest glimpse upward sends him into a panic.

Archie has learned to live with his particular set of circumstances. In fact, he has an idyllic life in a picturesque coastal town called Outlandish. He lives with loving and accepting parents, eats fine food at his mother’s cliffside restaurant, and spends his days on the beach and in the town’s quaint streets in search of stories to write for his part-time job at the local newspaper.

On his twentieth birthday, as thoughts of the future begin to weigh on Archie’s mind, photographer Tallie Greenleaf comes to town and is drawn to this curious young man and his ever-present umbrella. She approaches him, hoping to get his permission to photograph him—but destiny has brought Tallie to Outlandish for so much more than a photograph.


As I started to read Archie of Outlandish by Lynnette Kraft, I had the feeling that I just stepping into a dream world, narrated by a beloved gentle soul, who was setting the scene of a story that I hadn't a clue to what to expect, but knew something unique and unusual was about to happen. The town was called Outlandish, a perfect name for the residents that lived there...especially for a young man name Archibald Plumby, better known as Archie, to his dismay.

Archie was born with a fearful condition of not being able to look up without having a panic attack, and carried umbrellas, ate under the tables, and had a most unusual bedroom in which he felt safe. This behavior was accepted with love by his parents and townsfolk, who really never gave it a second thought as they accepted him as he was. He lived a quite life, observing and writing articles for the town paper Stay Afloat.

Just about the time of life that Archie was questioning his life, God intervenes and brings a young woman of interest into his life. What happens next is simply amazing, as the story flows with your emotions as the tides of this costal town.

 I so felt this story was almost a metaphor for our lives that God hands to us, how we stay "Afloat" in our "Outlandish" lives, staying safe under our umbrellas.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to shake up our little perfect world we live in. The beautiful illustrations add so much warmth without overpowering the story line. An added bonus is the beautiful, haunting music that comes with this lovely story of trust, faith and love.

Make sure you read the acknowledgment, as the credit is based out of love.
I truly see this story turned into a beautiful, faith based film with an exceptional score by this talented composer.

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