Between The Flags: (Loxwood #3) Grace Wilkinson

Just when everything was starting to come together, life throws Georgia a curveball in the form of an unwanted grey Thoroughbred.
Between the challenges that come with looking after two horses and the new difficulties she encounters with Loxwood, Georgia feels like all her best laid plans are falling apart. And with the Young Event Horse Championships coming up, will she be able to pick up the pieces in time?


Between The Flags: (Loxwood #3) by Grace Wilkinson picks up from the surprising last chapter of  A Perfect Stride: (Loxwood#2). We find out that Georgia has acquired a second horse...saving him from the fate of disposal from his racehorse owner. The problem is, what is she going to do with two horses, and how is she going to pay for food and board? Georgia is already living as close as possible to be within her budget, and all her money is being used as wisely as possible. Entry fees, hauling, and vet bills could really take a toll on this expanding team.  Georgia hopes that Rose will continue to be generous with her boarding facility to this grey gelding and make room for him.

As training goes forward, Georgia sees a distinct difference in these two beautiful and talented horses, and she loves them both...success at eventing maybe a dream that finally comes true.

When the opportunity arises that Georgia can show both horses, her thoughts kick into overdrive. Have they had enough training, how will they perform...a lot of what if's. Continually encouraged by her horse friends and Rose, this story really grabs the reader and draws us into what it is like to be on the course competing. I personally was stressed out as Georgia went from one horse to another during the event, as she skillfully handled anything that came up against her. Not to spoil any plot lines, but how this particular event turned out is both joyous and a heart breaker...and yet leaves us wondering what next is in store for Georgia and her dreams.    5 Hoof Stars