A Christian Cozy Mystery

Fudge-Laced Felonies (Christian cozy mystery) (A Summer Meadows Mystery Book 1)   ... by Cynthia Hickey



While transplanting the rosebush her church's handsome greeter, Ethan Banning, inadvertently killed, Summer and Ethan discover a hidden stash of diamonds, a rusty can full of cash, and a bloody-gardening glove. This discovery sets Summer and her candy-making aunt on a search for a killer.

As Summer gets closer to the truth-not only of the theft but of her true feelings for Ethan-the diamond thief hatches a plan to hush the feisty sleuth.


Fudge-Laced Felonies by Cynthia Hickey was my first introduction to Christian Cozy Mysteries, and what an amazing impression it left on me!  The story opens with Summer Meadows looking for a murderer in church, of all things! This already grabbed my attention, thinking...really?  

This book was so fun and easy to read, I had a hard time putting it down. I kept thinking to myself, seriously, how can I be enjoying and sometimes laughing at the loveable actions of these characters?  Who ever thought that murders could be woven into a sweet, and wholesome mystery? Summer just opened a candy store in town when she stumbles upon something strange in her rose garden, and the detective side in her pops out and gets her into all kinds of trouble.
Juggling her emotions between two love rivals, a supporting group of friends and family, she digs herself deeper and deeper into this mystery, often calling on God for guidance to help her make the right choices.

I love the innocence of the characters and the plot, as it reminded me of how books could whisk you away for the pure enjoyment of reading and letting your imagination add to the written word.

This was a stand alone book, but can't wait to finish off the series, as the Cozy Mystery genre seems to continue with the main character and her sometimes off beat friends and family, finding and solving crimes to a final and satisfying outcome.

As an adult, I loved this book. Sometimes we just need a little simplicity to balance out our real life. Diamonds, chocolate, mystery, and hint of romance...good to the very last drop.

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