Death by Tiara (A Jaine Austen Mystery Series Book 13)...By Laura Levine


 For freelance writer Jaine Austen, working behind the scenes at a teen beauty pageant has shown her that sometimes beauty is in the eye of the murderer…

Teen contestant Taylor Van Sant has a talent for singing, but she can't write a song. So her ├╝ber-pushy stage mom Heather has hired Jaine to pen lyrics the judges will love. Unfortunately, the hotel hosting Miss Teen Queen America is a dump, the cattiness is out of control, and Candace--the
perfectly-coiffed, whip-cracking pageant director--is making even Jaine's life miserable. When Candace's assistant Amy is found bludgeoned to death with a silver tiara, there are more suspects than sequins on a pageant gown--and Heather is first on the list. Taylor begs Jaine to help clear her mom's name, but finding the culprit is going to be trickier than walking the stage in stilettos…


Even though I jumped into the last book of this series, Death By Tiara by Laura Levine, there was no problem finding the rhythm of the story. Jaine is a young woman who leads a regular life with some special writing talents and a very sarcastic cat. It seems like she is the type who just naturally falls into a murder mystery, and with her wit and charm ends up helping solve them.

I enjoyed the Beauty Pageant theme, as it reminded me of my daughter's friend who joined one. The not so posh venue, low rate hotel, and the ever so demanding moms that push their
daughters through this whole beauty routine is right on point.

Meanwhile, scattered through the story, Jaine's hilarious mom and dad are e-mailing her what's been going on at home, from two different perspectives. Crazy fun is had through out the story, and of course there is a love interest. Twists and turns keeps the reader interested as well as guessing "who done it." Didn't see the very end coming which really surprised me and made me think, good for you!

Cute and lighthearted, a fun read.

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Dinh said...

I am glad you enjoyed this light fun read!
It's always nice to breeze through a book and enjoy it for its easy reading. And what a bonus to have you have to guess right up to the end!

Dinh @ Arlene's Book Club