Crossing Boarders ... Debra Sue Brice

Dana has lived her whole life for this moment. It is her chance to shine and break through to the demanding equine world that is attainable only to the extremely wealthy or incredibly lucky. It is now or never.

Dana finds the courage to leave her family and travel from Ohio to Canada to train with Olympic rider Amy Arnot, who has a reputation for being tough. Trying her best to leave her judgmental sarcasm at home, Dana attempts to excel at her tasks and training while getting to know the other riders at Arnot's farm. Determined to stick to God's plan, Dana tries to get in the good graces of fellow equine royalty while finding favor with a particularly handsome barn manager.

But an unfolding scandal is loom. Despite all of Dana's hard work, her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could come to a devastating end.

Debra Sue Brice's debut novel of Crossing Boarders was filled with exciting and  diverse characters. Dana Berrelli has worked and ridden horses all her life, and    now she finally has found the courage to leave her home in Ohio to train with       
Lisa Lynn
Canadian Olympic trainer Amy Arnot, where she hopes to achieve the potential  she has always dreamed of. Sending off her Hanoverian gelding Indie by hired  trailer first, she deals with the emotions any young woman might have in saying  goodbye to family and friends that have supported her all her life. Making stops  on the way to the Ontario farm, her first taste of mystery begins. Upon arrival at  the farm, Dana tries to keep her sarcastic ways in check as she meets her fellow students and a surprisingly handsome barn manager that challenges her unique way of looking at moral issues.  Life is not easy, but Dana sticks to her Christian beliefs and finds that she can enjoy the special uniqueness of people that she never expected to enjoy as friends.

Knowledge of horses is not necessary to enjoy Dana's developing character.  Never having to worry about any offensive language or improper moral tone, makes this novel enjoyable and easy to read.  

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