Road To Success: (Loxwood #4) ... by Grace Wilkinson

The new year brings with it many changes for Georgia. Still reeling from how the competition season ended, she’s determined to put the past behind her and move on.
But everything feels like a mistake. And while she faces the harsh realities of eventing, can Georgia also figure out what’s best not only for herself, but for Loxwood too?


Road to Success: Loxwood #4 by Grace Wilkinson continues the series with a new depth of love and heartache of Georgia and her beloved horse Loxwood. The decision that Georgia had made in the last book continues to haunt her, as she works to re-instill the confidence that Loxwood had lost.

It's a bitter winter, training and barn chores along with memories of horses past is taking an emotional toll on Georgia. The love of Rose's family continues to uplift her spirts, but the biggest surprise is an offer from Rose herself!

A new rescue horse that "doesn't even look like a whole horse, more like a shell of one,"  is offered to Georgia. Does she find a renewed hope for a better life of this once well know horse enter a way into her heart?


Horse shows continue, and Georgia is singled out by an impressed James McDaniels on her handling and strong ability of riding. Maybe this is the chance that Georgia has finally been looking for...could there be a job offering as a working pupil, riding only the best horses around and being trained by such an outstanding trainer... if so, would she make the right decision to take it?

As the reader, we feel every "bump" in the saddle with Georgia, her emotional pain hurts us as we are invested along with her in the choices and the love of special horses.

The ending is a completely unexpected cliffhanger and leaving us with  "I've got to read the final book in this series!"