Refining Fire (Brides of Seattle Book #2) ... by Tracie Peterson 

Twenty-two-year-old Militine Scott is in training at the Madison Bridal School in Seattle, yet she has no intention of pursuing marriage. What respectable man would have her? But she has found the school provides the perfect opportunity to keep her unsavory past hidden.

Thane Patton, though fun-loving and fiercely loyal to his friends, hides a dark secret, as well. He finds himself drawn to Militine, sensing that she harbors a haunting pain similar to his own.

Will they allow God to make something new and beautiful from the debris of their past?


When I first started Refining Fire by Tracie Peterson, I thought oh dear,  just when are we going to find out what was the main idea for this book?  A lot of Christian daily life was happening, and that was ok, as I always love a clean and wholesome read. I feel that starting off with book two of the series was ok, since the author did catch the reader up on who was who, and placed the setting in Seattle, Washington Territory...January 1889.

The story takes place at the Madison Bridal School in Seattle, where young girls live and train to be sophisticated, loving knowledgeable brides. Abrianna takes the main attention of the story, as a fiery red headed strong willed young woman,
along with her best friend Militine who hides a deep secret from her past.  A lot of restrictions are put on young women of those times, but Abrianna pushes the limits in her own endearing ways.

Love finds its way to the girls, each in a different manor and surprisingly in unexpected ways. The end result leaves you having to actually read book three to find a satisfying ending.

I feel the author researched the time period accurately, as the book had an authentic feel to it and tied the cover of the book into the last chapters of the story.

A wonderful, wholesome read but just a bit of extra "fillers" to drag the story down to a slow pace.