Christian Romance Novel

Wedding a Warrior ... by Hannah Conway

 Whitleigh Haynes wrestles with the boundaries of her limited faith after an unexpected marriage proposal leaves her wondering what to say to longtime boyfriend, Collier Cromwell, now Army soldier, who’s asking her to leave everything she’s ever known, loved, and planned. 


Wedding a Warrior is about a young college couple in love and contemplating marriage but also struggling to find what God wants for their lives. With Collier going off to join the military after 9/11, Whitleigh isn't sure this is the lifestyle she wants. She has her own dreams and ambitions of becoming a teacher.  Traveling around the world as an army wife doesn't quite fit her plan. Could she even marry Collier knowing this wasn't what she wanted?

This story is one many young couples face today. We have our own
Debra Sue         
plans and don't always put our faith and trust in God that He is the One we need to depend on for answers and guidance. Waiting on the Lord may try our patience, but in the long run His plan will always find us where we need to be.


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