A YA romantic novel

  Genesis ... by Bonnie Berman Shores

An unexpected move, an unexpected love, an unexpected world... Essie has been chosen "for such a time as this".

An aspiring journalist, Essie Jacobs is your average high school senior--a good girl--who loves superheroes, Joan Jett, Whoppers and classic rock. When her mom tells her that they will be moving from Bradford, Massachusetts to the tiny town of Eden, Georgia in two weeks, the normally logical teen freaks out. Her life is mapped out, after all, and it doesn't include a move to some hick town in the South. When the inevitable happens, however, her expectations of a boring summer are pleasantly dashed when she meets Ty Gregory, an irresistibly charming boy from a wealthy family. He immediately takes a liking to her and they become inseparable.

Bored with her routine once school begins, though, the independent Essie decides to get a job at the local nursery where she meets Michael Powers, the boy she had seen in a dream before moving to Eden. She learns that Michael's family and Ty's family do not associate, but neither boy will tell her why. Essie's curious nature takes her to the internet where she stumbles upon information about the Grigori. She's always had a feeling that there was something different about Ty and, when he finally admits that he's a fallen angel, she's anything but scared.


An ordinary teen thrown into extraordinary circumstances...that is exactly what happens to Essie Jacobs when her life takes an unexpected turn her senior year of high school. Residing to the fact she is stuck in Georgia, she quickly gets involved with a handsome, charming and impossible to ignore young man who immediately steals her heart. But there is someone else who has been patiently waiting for her affection.

Wow! What a thrilling, adventurous, exciting, nail-biting ride Bonnie Shores takes you on in her YA novel, genesis. She shows the reader how we as humans can be so easily captivated by the lies and deception of the devil, yet still seeing the truth even if we choose to ignore it. She cleverly introduces each chapter with a song title that gives you a hint of what is to come in the following pages. 

Debra Sue        
The way the characters develop throughout the novel is subtle and well written. I very much enjoy the way Bonnie pulls the reader in and allows you to experience Essie's struggle as she makes her choices between good and evil. I can't wait to read what happens next!

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