What an amazing surprise we had today!

Shoba Sadler has written an article about our own Debra Sue Brice from her online magazine

Please stop by and check out the differences between our Christmas holidays. Yes, farm life is very interesting...

The time has come to officially announce that I have two websites and showcasing two of my greatest passions – writing books, short stories and articles and healthy cooking from farm fresh produce. From time to time when my two passions cross paths I will cross promote between the two websites. Like now when I want to shout out Merry Christmas from the farm to all who are following my two websites. Merry Christmas From The Farm takes you behind the scenes to two book authors’ lives – mine and Debra Sue Brice as we prepare for Christmas.
Let me take you on a journey on how country folk celebrate Christmas with my Merry Christmas From The Farm. In Malaysia country folk are called orang kampung. I believe wherever we are in the world, country folk and orang kampung share one common bond – a simple and uncomplicated life not dictated by time and we love our land, nature and animals.
I’m taking you on two trips. One to my farm in Australia and another to the farm of my fellow author and friend, Debra Sue Brice in the United States of America. One country is experiencing summer and the other winter but Christmas is the same for us because we live in a magical place called the countryside.
We grow our own food and make most of what we eat or we buy from local people.  (read more)    ~Shoba Sadler~

Thanks again Shoba and Kevin for the beautiful article!

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