Milton Hershey (Lives And Times) ... By Jennifer Blizin Gillis

Milton Hershey didn’t invent chocolate candy. But he made it a popular treat. People around the world eat Hershey’s chocolates. Milton made a lot of money. He always shared it with others. He built a town and an amusement park for his workers. He started a school for disadvantaged children, too.


Milton Hershey was a great entrepreneur. He came from a poor family and ended up one of the richest people in the United States. Hershey started one of the world's most famous chocolate companies, and he used his money to help others.

He wasn't successful right away, and began experimenting making milk chocolate in 1895. In 1900 he introduced the Hershey's bar, and in 1907  he created the Hersheypark as a place to have picnics.

Hershey and his wife were never able to have children, so they opened a school for orphan boys and today the school also excepts girls. Each year, it serves about 1,900 children from struggling families.

Hershey’s produces over one billion pounds of chocolate product annually.

Milton Hershey worked hard to achieve his dreams. He never gave up, even when faced with failure. He always gave help to his workers and others who had less than he did. His generosity continues to live on.

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Dinh said...

I am not a big fan of Hershey's chocolate myself. I grew up in England and prefer Cadbury's.
I like that Hershey was such a generous man. It goes to show that being generous and helping others will make you successful.
I wonder why the orphanage he started only initially accepted only boys and not girls?

Angela Ingles said...

I really want to check out this book. We made so many trips to Hershey when I was a child. We toured the factory and went to the amusement park, etc. A few of my friends now live as guardians at the Milton Hershey School. I'd love to learn more about the life and history of Hershey.