Christian Young Adult

Tell me what's going on with you ...
Tell me what's wrong ...
Tell me what you see ...
                                  by Joan Bauer

Tell Me ... by Joan Bauer

The unofficial town motto is "Nothing bad ever happens in Rosemont" where  twelve-year-old Anna has come to stay with her grandmother, Mim, hoping to forget her worries about her parents' troubled marriage.  She'll be busy with the town's annual Flower Festival, a celebration with floats and bands that requires weeks of preparations.

But before long, Anna finds herself involved in a very big problem. When she observes a girl her own age who seems to be being held against her will, Anna can't forget the girl's frightened eyes and she is determined to investigate. "When you see something, say something" she's been told—but what good does it do to speak if no one will listen? Luckily, a take-charge girl like Anna is not going to give up.


Tell Me by Joan Bauer is primarily for 5th grade and up, but I have to say the main theme of this book knowing that it is fiction, is a bit over the top with the human trafficking subject. Yes, it's good to warn our kids about this tragic happening, but I think the author put too many troublesome problems in one story. 

Even though the main character was incredibly mature, bold, sweet and along with singing and dancing talent, also able to cope with her parents breakup ... along with working with Homeland Security to help find a kidnaped young girl was just more than expected for the reader to be believable.

It flowed evenly, and even though I love YA books I have to say the author made unbearable events a bit too light hearted. How could such a young girl be able to pull off any or all rescue events?

Might be a great read as long as there is an adult that could answer any questions this book might put in the reader's mind.


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