God's Faith Mirror: Do You Glance or Gaze Into Your Daily Mirror? ... by Elrich Martin

This is a book with two stories by two characters, Enrico and Alison from different backgrounds, with different needs and wants but at the end they are hunger for the same destiny, to know Jesus and to discover their calling. There are a mixture of happiness, heartache and suspense leading through each individual’s life as they find their gift and the heavenly mirror they represent. They learn through their daily problems and joy, what it is they need to overcome the enemy. Meet the Holy Spirit as they are led to their purpose in life and the supernatural occurrences, leading to growth and understanding how to fight the good fight. Meet the people they lean on during their storms who have carried over their weapons to fight their battles over to them and gave them the spiritual tools to keep their eyes on Jesus. From the Author of new breath, new life for new day comes this gripping story that will keeping you wanting more as you learn to know these people with everyday issues and feel the Holy Spirit within the pages. Some may feel that the story is representing their lives and will want to apply these tools of spiritually for their daily own lives.


I was moved by the beautiful Dedication that Elrich Martin, Christian author of God's Faith Mirror: Do You Glance or Gaze Into Your Daily Mirror, wrote to his wife and two daughters, such a loving husband and father.

The Forward sets the tone of the two stories, each completely different, but each finding out how God's reflection in their lives helped them to understand the life they were living. Some parts where heartbreaking, but author Martin kept the main flow of the book in an even pace.

I love the whole concept of how we see ourselves as looking into a mirror and seeing God's reflection of how other people see us. Here's just a preview of the book...Do you see yourself as God's image or your own self-image where the outer matter more than the inner? Do you realize you and me are representing God on this earth...

This book is broken down into easy to understand chapters, depicting each mirror of our emotions. The question will we react to the reflections of God?

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Dinh G said...

This sounds like an interesting concept. It's amazing what people will see in the mirror...

Unknown said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

I'm the author and I thank you for review and reply.God bless