The Lady of the Vineyard Kindle Edition ... By Kellyn Roth

Judy has lived with her egocentric mother since her parents divorced when she was a baby. When her father, Troy Kee, shows up at her sixth birthday party and whisks her away to his vineyard in France, Judy is more than happy to go with him. But Adele, Judy’s mother, isn’t quite ready to give up her daughter. Can Judy forgive Adele? More importantly, can Troy?

A sweet novella set in Europe, the year of 1938, this sweet story is sure to delight loves of light-hearted historical/literary fiction.


I have to say you needn't be a history buff to fall in love with The Lady of the Vineyard by Kellyn Roth. The author sets the time period with just enough description to let the reader ease into the story of a six year girl whose life consists of taking care of a mother who really doesn't even care about her own daughter. Adele has made it perfectly clear that Judy is a regret and a bothersome child that was a mistake from her past.

My heart broke for the emotionally drain child, missing her father that had been gone most of her life, having only the love of her dear granny she adored. 

Meeting a mysterious man on the way to pick up some food items, Judy's life suddenly takes quite the turn of events. The flow of the story from this point made it hard to put the book down! Author Roth gives our heartstrings a good "tug" as we discover many misconceptions that have tainted this family. Can forgiveness be attained or has too much time and lost love passed this family by?

A fabulous epilogue that can not be missed puts a finishing touch on to this amazingly sweet story.

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