Dreams Of Tamar: A Tale of Rejection, Redemption, Restoration, and Faith ... by Darlene Pryor

When single mother of twins Diedra meets and falls in love with James, she assumes that “as long as you both shall live” will be the start of peace, contentment, and blissful motherhood.

Diedra has a full life that often intersects with the lives of three other women: Breanna, the free and flirtatious spirit; Cassandra, Diedra’s childhood friend; and Sharnell, the overachiever. And when Diedra’s brood grows to seven after the birth of triplets, she thinks that surely her saga is fully written.

But when unexpected obstacles suddenly pile on with no end in sight, Diedra must struggle to save her marriage, brave a frightening diagnosis, and untangle mysteriously lucid dreams whose meaning remains just out of reach—but which are increasingly worrisome in their urgency.

On top of it all—she’s pregnant again.

More than a Christian romance, Dreams of Tamar weaves together relevant scripture and riveting storytelling and will resonate with believers of today who have real problems that require real solutions. Dive in to a story of a love that binds people together with unbreakable chains as they work out their salvation and journey toward restoration.


 I was amazed at the love and passion felt between Diedra and her husband James in the book Dreams of Tamar: A Tale of Rejection, Redemption, Restoration, and Faith, by Darlene Pryor. Not all things start off good, but as Diedra's life continues on she fights through the ups and downs and the disappointments of love and life. When James comes into her life, wow...he IS the love that she longs for, but will it last? Being married for a while and having children sometimes isn't always what you might hope it to be.

I love how author Pryor brings into the book the Biblical story of Tamar. Well, I had forgotten about those stories, and what a little bible study I got, in fact I loved all the scriptures that Pryor added, each adding to the meaning of where the story was at that time.  This family thrived on Bible principles.

Surprise after surprise came along, and the flow of the story made me happy and sad and in a few places, rejoicing in the Lord! Pryor gives us a big surprise and the end, which you'll have to read to find out.

Love, passion, and Scriptures makes this a fabulous book!

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