The Conservative Congregant ... by Paula D. Walker Baker

Eloise Dowager left her comfort zone when she offered to prepare a meal for the homeless. She heard people were blessed beyond measure when they attended The City of Hope. See what God has in store for her!




The Conservative Congregant by Paula D. Walker Baker took me as complete surprise!  As I was reading this lovely story, I felt like I was envoled with my friends from church. Two women from different backgrounds find a mutal friendship that grow and blossoms, discovering new depths to each of their own faiths.


It was such a "comfortable" read, as part of the theme is about helping and loving the homeless and the gift of love and service these women found that they could do for them. I felt right at home with the dialogue and the places that were described in the book, as I could have run into these ladies at the store on a shopping trip.


The thread of forgiveness stood out to me as I felt Eloise Dowager's life was holding her down from total joy until she understood what faith in God can do. This story was so totally realistic, it was hard to forget they were fictional characters.


Do these ladies find what they are looking for? Looking forward to the next book.


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Lynn said...

Enjoyed this book, too. Believe it would be an encouragement to those desiring to step outside their comfort zones in ministering to others, but who are held back by their fears.