Celtic Warriors ... Cassandra Wolf

Celtic Warriors is about two Protestant families from England who move to Ireland in 1652 and encounter fierce opposition from Catholic Irish nationalists who resent the English invading their homeland. While animosity between the Protestants and Catholics heightens, a deeper relationship with God that can only be achieved through adversity develops even more among members of both sides.
Clean suspense, mystery, and romance combine to make this Christian historical fiction novella exciting and wholesome.


The research that Cassandra Wolf did on Celtic Warriors was absolutely phenomenal! In the introduction she gives credit to the Ozark Research Institute for background information on Irish Castles. I was amazed at what she discovered about these old, majestic beauties, and would hope someday Wolf would devote time to write a complete book on these fascinating, ancient wonders.

This beautiful tale unfolds during the time when Irish Catholics, Irish Protestants and English Protestants where planning a great rebellion. Religious denominations ruled the life style back in the 1600's when Castles were built and the division of the classes of people were greatly divided.

Wolf weaves the main character Gertrude in a fascinating way. To say much more would give the crux of the story away, but the focus of the main story was  taking a chance of falling in love and the perils she would face in those times. Along with religious belief, there was also Black Magic and curses that had to be battled with the faith of God.

The setting is beautiful, and you'll fall in love with this amazing story.

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