Not All Of Me Is Dust ... By Frances Maureen Richardson

Ever since their mother died, life for the Engles has been tinged with sorrow. As young adults, their search for meaning and identity leads them to pursue different paths: Stephen joins the Jesuits, Kathleen marries a promising young attorney, and Clare enters the convent.


Even though Frances Maureen Richardson author of Not All Of Me Is Dust credits the heart of this novel to Clare, one of the three  Engle children, I thought Stephen was the soulful center of this epic inspirational novel.

Told in more of a narrative flow, I watched this family evolve after the death of their mother. If Richardson hadn't said in the
acknowledgements that this book grew out of an awareness, a kind of waking dream, I would have thought she was reminiscing about her past as this story was so detailed and realistic.

Life, death, love and rejection fills this story and twisted my heart with each event that took place as the children followed the path that God set before them, and as we know as Christians it's not always an easy going. Each one of them faced their own struggle.

What a delight to have Richardson incorporate snippets from well know figures of literature, as well as sprinkling bible versus throughout. I learned a lot about the Jesuit life, and the servitude of being a nun. An excellent read as the last chapter will not let you put the book down.                     

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