Contemporary Psalms: A Daily Reader ... By Whitney McKendree Moore

This volume offers thanks and praise from what our LORD calls "the womb of the morning." The 365 daily readings included here provide seed for growing in personal relationship with the Divine Maker of the Universe. May our hearts reach higher and our souls dig deeper as we take root and seek to grow ever upwards toward the Son.


Who could wait the 365 days to read these amazingly, encouraging passages! Contemporary Psalms: A Daily Reader by Whitney McKendree Moore adds her prayerful insights to some familiar and not so familiar versus of the Bible.

It's always a delight to read God's word first thing in the morning to "get us going." I read this book while our church was on a ten day fast and as God would have it, the versus and enhancements enriched my daily devotions.

The introduction explains the title of the beautiful cover painting of this book, along with a heartfelt thanks to Veronica Benning who's amazing graphite drawings which are "sprinkled" throughout the book.

If you are looking for a daily devotional guide, or just want to read and be encouraged by God's word with some uplifting thoughts, look no further, you found it!

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