Diamond (The Greywood Files Book 1) ... By Paul Willis

“Hello?” I tried to keep the irritation out of my voice. I guess all the inconvenience was my own fault. After all, becoming a detective means signing up for everyone’s problems even if they come at midnight.

“Rory, I need your help. My diamond was stolen.”

When Detective Greywood gets a midnight case from a forgetful friend, he thinks it’s just another robbery. But when he learns his client stored the world’s eighth largest diamond in a highly secure bank vault, he knows there must be much more to the case. Only the owner himself could retrieve the diamond.

A short story containing odd friends, two eventful dinner parties, and a coffee fueled detective.


I enjoy reading new, young authors as they often provide fresh, new material. Diamond (The Greywood Files #1) by Paul Willis  has done so. Yes, this is a super short story as it is only 19 pages long, but it's kind of a brain teaser!

The main character reminds me of Sergeant Joe Friday from the TV show Dragnet...short and to the point. We are also treated with a bit of humor as Rory methodically puts the clues together, bridging the story from the dinner party to the actual crime.

I would love to see the author have a book with several of these types of stories, so we could enjoy the full spectrum of Rory's escapes.

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