Eden on the Frontier by Cheryle Williams

A time of new beginnings brings out the best and worst in any family.

Spring 1772 on the colonial Pennsylvania frontier. Eden Anna Blair, age seventeen, travels with her family of Scots-Irish pioneers via packhorses to search for land near the Forks of the Ohio. A ten-day walk in a long caravan of farmers and traders can test anyone’s mettle.

During the trek, Eden finds friendship with three impressive young men. Daniel and Donovan Briggs are brothers who labor as tree cutters and proudly push a cart of their own tools. Solomon Redding, educated but poor, is headed to a plantation where he’ll tutor a rich family’s sons.

It will be at least a year before Eden is free to marry anyone. As oldest daughter, her family needs her help while they buy land and build a cabin. Eden is confident she can face any hardship but the heady experience of falling in love.


As I was reading Eden on the Frontier by Cheryle Williams I was so thankful that I live in this day and age. Just so there is no misunderstanding about what I'm going to say, I gave this book a whopping 5 star review!

Author Cheryle Williams story line was complete with just enough detail to immerse me into the time period of the 1770's, but still keep it fresh as a young adult book, with main character Eden Anna Blair struggling to help support her working class family.

Family loyalty was of the utmost importance, even making this relationship a pivotal point of survival. After extreme decisions were made, family disputes kept arising to hinder the marriage match that was decided upon by the head of the family.

The women of those days were treated as the lower class, but Eden was strong and her faithfulness and work ethics stood out as a shining star, but working class families and rich families knew their places in the order of life which lead to difficulties in getting along and trusting one another. Still, love blooms but at what cost? A wonderful novel that makes you fully understand hardships that we take for granted now days.

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Cheryl Elaine Williams said...

Thank you, Brice's Mice Christian Book Reviews, for reviewing my book. I'm humbled and honored to get a five star review from you with your many supportive remarks about the content of the book. As all authors know, it means a lot to get feedback on our work. It keeps us motivated to write the next novel! I'm glad you noted that the heroine and her family in my novel were working class people who needed to stick together to survive, but sometimes that setup brought about a stifling of one's own dreams because everyone was supposed to conform and follow the advice of the head of the family. Within that framework, the people in my novel carve out their own lives as best they can. Thanks again, Brice's Mice, for you review!

Saundra Staats McLemore said...

Eden on the Frontier, definitely sounds like a book to be read. It's going on my list.

Saundra Staats McLemore
Inspirational Christian Author

Dinh said...

That sounds like a great read.
It's nice to read something that makes you appreciate all the things we have nowadays.
Nice hot shower is what I would miss if I were to live in 1770s! LOL

Dinh @Arlene's Book Club