Sparrow on a House ... By Billie Houston

In 1943 Sara Carson leaves her farm home and goes to Orange, Texas to work in the ship yards. There she meets and falls in love with soldier Kent Holden. Three days later they are married. Less than a week after that he ships out to North Africa. Sara moves back to the farm to help her mother with her ailing grandmother and her father who is losing his hold on reality.

Now it is 1945. Germany has surrendered and Kent is coming home. Sara comes to grips with the realization that she has married a stranger. She loves her husband, but she doesn't know him. She has married in haste. Is she condemned to repent at leisure?


Sparrow on a Housetop by Billie Houston took me by complete surprise! Houston depicted the time period accurately without dragging out any unnecessary details to bog the story down, following through with character growth and development. I must say I enjoyed the references to a few books that I recognized!

The horrendous harshness of battles that the soldiers faced, effected the outcome of their homecoming and the start of new lives. Sara faced the unknown of what life would be with a husband that she only knew a few days before going off to war. To the surprise and shock of her family, Kent is somewhat welcomed into an eclectic array of family members...on both sides of the family.

I have to say, my feelings for Kent were not favorable at first, as Houston used her skill of writing to make my emotions doubt his sincerity about his love for Sara and then building suspicion of what his character was really about.

Throughout the story, faith may or may not touch and heal lives as we can easily recognize the life altering events that happen... possible the same occurrences that  have touched our own lives. 

Yes, of course I cried at the end a little bit, but remembering that we don't always understand the ways of God, He is always in control!

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Dinh said...

I am glad this book took you by surprise and that you enjoyed it. Even with the cry at the end! :)

Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

Carlene Havel said...

Sounds interesting. I love a book that gives me a few feel-good tears.

Gwyn Huff said...

I like the way the review was written. I like the premise of the story too! I want it!