Evidence Not Seen ... By Carlene Haven

Although attorney Jeff Galloway’s career is in high gear, his personal life is a mess. Just before his father returns home from a 27-year stretch in prison, his girlfriend dumps him. When a chance encounter begins to blossom into new romance, soft-hearted Melanie Clark encourages Jeff to find a way to forgive his father’s long absence.


" keeps no record of wrongs...: 1 Corinthians: 13:5 is the perfect introduction to this engaging mystery, love story. Evidence Not Seen by Carlene Haven takes us back to December 1979 when successful attorney Jeffrey Galloway helps his mom await the arrival of his father's release from prison.

Mixed emotions are battling in his heart as he questions just what really happened long ago, and can forgiveness be obtainable? Enter Melanie Clark, someone well beneath Jeffrey's social standing but smart as a whip and full of enthusiasm for life.

I found this story amazingly refreshing, as I love not having to get bogged down with excessive characters, overload of unnecessary backstories, and still keep me thinking the whole way through with ... what if's? A fast and easy read that will leave you wanting to read the next story in this collection of books!

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Carlene Havel said...

Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed "Evidence Not Seen"