Reuben's Big Test ... By Natalie Vellacott

Nine year old Reuben is being bullied. He wants to be brave but he’s afraid. He doesn’t know where to turn or who will help him. What about a teacher or his close friend Joseph? Should he ask God for help and is he sure that God will hear him?

What will Reuben do when it seems he is being forced to choose between God and science at school? Should he answer the questions as his teacher wants him to, or stand up for his faith?

Does Reuben have the courage to report a crime he has witnessed or confront a thief by himself? Is his final decision brave or just really dangerous?

Join Reuben on his final interactive adventure as he learns what it means to be brave in different situations and as he faces up to his biggest test of all.


Reuben's Big Test by Natalie Vellacott is the last of a three part series. We find Reuben facing the most challenging issue today in schools...bullying.

By reading each section and asking the choices that are given in the book help us discover how our own children may feel and possible react to any given situation that encourages bullying or being the end result of bullies.

The book also touches on God's creation and just how much kids may know. "Children, look. The Big Bang is one theory about how we came to be here. Reuben and Joseph have provided another theory from the things they have read in the Bible. Is that right boys?"  I think this opens the door for a great discussion in a group of kids and their friends, or even the classroom by bringing questions in on an elementary level.

This story is a great sharing activity to help children be brave and find the courage to make the right choices with God's help and teaching.

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