The Logos Life: (Missionary Stories) ... By Natalie Vellacot

Natalie Vellacott took a two-year break from her job with Sussex Police and joined the Logos Hope Christian missionary ship. The ship, staffed by volunteers from sixty-five different countries, was sailing the waters of Asia. Natalie began by serving visitors in the mayhem of the International CafĂ© before moving to the isolated recesses of the ship’s dangerous freezers as store-keeper. Having fallen in love with a group of street teens addicted to solvents in the Philippines, she ended her commitment as administrator of the largest floating book-fair in the world. Join Natalie on her often hilarious adventures amidst an inevitable multitude of cultural catastrophes as she attempts to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people she encounters along the way.


The Logos Life by Natalie Vellacott was a pouring out of  heart and soul of her incredible stint on a Christian missionary ship, Logos Hope. The ship was already filled with dedicated workers, but God opened a door for her to serve and work doing a multitude of tasks.

Getting prepared for this work was not easy, as Vellacott had to take a total of nine injections which made her incredibly sick, but still pressing on and facing many hardships she encountered an almost humorous reaction amongst friends that serving on this kind of ship was some kind of luxury cruise. Not the case!

While reading this book, I highlighted many passages that jumped out at me or seemed quite amazing but decided to read this story as a journal that could have been sent to me by a friend, detailing the many adventures, mishaps, happiness and sadness that had befallen her.

Thankfully, Vellacott had a two person cabin due to her age and background in Police work while having her being selected to have a "family" to be connected with ... "we are one body made up of many parts, each and every one is important and dependent upon the other." Cor. 12:12-31

After intensive training, the group was off and as prepared as possible, with so many interesting interactions amongst staff and visitors. Fighting off a scary sickness possibly from some kind of bit was only one of many incidents that I found almost too much for one person to bare. The wrap up of this adventure was very touching and heartfelt, as I'm sure it will be in Vellacott's memory forever.

An enjoyable read that you can put down and take up again, not missing a beat as a young woman's dedication to make a difference in the lives of others, really DOES make a difference with God directing her path.

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