Be: Biblical Wisdom for Children ... By L.A. James

A unique, Christian, read aloud book designed to enable parents and grandparents to easily share Biblical wisdom with the children in their lives.
Don’t read it once and put it on the shelf. Take the book further. Each purchase comes with the ability to download free resources, which will enable you to impress God’s word into the minds and hearts of the children you love.


Absolutely breathtaking illustrations that enhance a corresponding  bible verse presented in a simple but yet inspiring text.  Be: Biblical Wisdom for Children by L.A. James captures each scripture with amazing art that will make you feel the connection with God's holy words.

It will capture the imagination of children and hopefully open dialogue with an adult about the wonders of God. This is not only a book for children, but adults will appreciate the peacefulness that seems to deepen as you read on.

I fell in love with Be Discerning (Mathew 10:16) and  the corresponding art, but by the time I reached Be Renewed (Psalm 103) my heart opened with joy!

This is an amazing, unique book that can bring about conversations or just relax and enjoy God's beauty.

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