Blind Faith - Love is Patient … By Kristen and Kevin Collier

When a friend arranges a blind date for young artist, Wesley O'Connell, he discovers Morgan F├╝rst, his date, truly cannot see. This insightful love story asks the question, do we walk by faith and not by sight? Is seeing believing, or is believing truly seeing?

“...not your every day, love story. The story looks at love from the inside out and helps the reader see the unseen. Highly recommended.” - Jack Foster, Book Illustrator

“I just love the characters! They ring true. Well-written, the authors have created a romance story that will be hard to put down!” - Sean Elliot Russell, Author of “The Jesus Boy”

“...a wonderful story with vivid characters. The writers show the story so well, I can picture everything as I read. I love Morgan and Wes.”
-Award-winning Author, Deb Allard


A lovely romance told in a family friendly setting. The characters make you feel like you're included in a faith based home, where morals are taught and lived.

An easy clean read where love blooms despite handicaps that might make a difference to some, and where long distance relationships might or might not hold up!

A great introduction to the romance genre for middle school readers as well as us adults!

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