The Blessed Woman Tondeleya Allen

Everyday life presents many challenges for women. We are not alone though. Masterfully created, women were born to be a blessing, to be productive, and to walk with God. Yet, distractions, dangerous perceptions, and unhealthy relationships threaten to derail our ability to fully experience joyful living. No matter who you are, what you’re facing or what disappointments lie in your past, God loves you and wants to be present in your life. His awesome love will guide us, strengthen us, and transform our hearts and enrich every area of our lives. The Lord truly knows what we endure. The responsibilities of womanhood, marriage, motherhood and careers can be a tremendous deal to balance. Trying to honor biblical virtues, while combating today’s worldly standards, requires wisdom and strength from the Lord.  

Our Review

I prayed before writing this review, as I so wanted to bring this book alive and share the amazing insights and lessons that The Blessed Woman Endeavor by Tondeleya Allen has to offer. First off, this book is a must read for women of all ages, single or married. In fact, there is a chapter devoted to the guys in our lives, Husbands Love Her Tender 101 that gently tells what women want and deserve. I took so many notes, that finally I threw them out and decided to just go with my heart on this book.

I believe this book should be a companion read along with our daily devotions. Each chapter is full of love, thankfulness, respect and wisdom of God. The author is writing from first hand experience, and instead of making this a manual of strict rules on how to overcome storms, she writes as if she was just sitting next to you, encouraging you, saying this is what God has for you and you can make it happen.
There are a few chapters that really stuck out to me, the first was the love letter she wrote to her daughters. How could any mother not be brought to tears by this heartfelt letter? The Best Dressed Man is not what you might think it means, and Ladies Love Yourselves is quite the eye opener.  The difference between strong women vs. strong willed women and submission is thoughtfully explained.
Each chapter should be read a day to let the richness of what God can do for us sink in and think about which scripture we need to use to build a better relationship with God and the men in our lives. I enjoyed her straight talk about making choices that are healthy for mind, body and spirit. As Tondeleya said, "never apologize to anyone for choices that work for you." 
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