Beyond The Amy Ekwegh

Beyond the Pews by Amy Ekwegh is an incisive look at church as we do it today, compared to what Christ intends that church should be. With the delicate precision of a surgeon, she cuts to the bone, slicing away the dead flesh of pretence, religion and lukewarm commitment.


There are so many references in this book to describe the content that I would like to use, but then I'd just be repeating the whole book! I had to try to condense my thoughts and focus on the main idea.
Amy has a relaxed and non-judgemental style of explaining why just going to Church is not enough to grow personally in your walk with God. Scriptures are used to backup and support her teachings

of faith in our Lord, and the workings and importance of the Holy Spirit.
I love the way Amy sets up the comparisons of our daily encounter with God, to the reality of how we are really walking with Him.

She brings our attention to re-evaluate our knowledge of the scriptures, where we are learning them from, and actually putting into use the true meaning of knowing the heart of God.                                                                                
A great and insightful read, recommended for everyone 

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