NEW BOOK REVIEW Lauren K. Lotter
Rachel’s family raises purebred Quarter Horses, but, even though she is surrounded by beautiful horses, she still longs for a horse for her own. And, when her dad takes her to a local auction, she only has eyes for one horse – and one horse alone. A terrified mare tries to hide her fear beneath a hardened exterior, but Rachel knows better. Everything within her knows that they were meant for each other.
Once they get her home, the challenge is on.


Whisper by Lauren K. Lotter takes a hold of you from the very first page...and I mean DON'T pass over the Forward or Prologue. This fiction story is based on just one part of the author's amazing work with training horses. In this book, Rachel works with her family's business of buying and selling horses. Although she encounters and trains many, she has never really found that special horse she longs for...until that fateful day at the auction. She spots a horse that she immediately connects with, and against her fathers first impression of absolutely not, their trust in the Lord to make the right decision wins out.

Rachel comes home with one of the greatest challenges she had ever had, and winning this horse over has become top priority over all the other training horses, as the Lord helps her with extreme patience. Her parents are always watching to keep her safe, by supporting and encouraging her to press forward. I won't give away why this mare's background is very important to the story, but will say that a mysterious and somewhat dangerous man is continually coming up personally against Rachel, and her family.

Cleaning tack and doing chores around the farm, along with helping in the training of her dad's horses on their two hundred acre farm, adds to the charm of this young girl's respect for horses
family, and most in the Lord. How the mare got her name is quite emotionally moving, and Rachel's patience, dedication and LOVE is truly inspiring.

A special treat is at the end, a teaser for the next book which introduces us to her sister's story at the farm. I recommend this book for teens to older adults, a very satisfying and inspirational story.