The Boy Who Walked Away ... by Nancy Janes

With a deep and gentle meaning that is born of violent circumstances, The Boy Who Walked a Way is a rare young adult novel that appeals to both genders equally. Though born of Christian roots, this profound story is a perfect fit for readers of all backgrounds and faiths that truly inspires with its touching journey of self-discovery, belief, and personal mastery. With a rich and detailed world that has descended into out-of-control chaos, this grand novel is an epic, touching fantasy that will inspire and entertain for years to come.

Debra Sue         
In the story, The Boy Who Walked A Way, youngster Jal Valyhn, desperate to find his parents and uncle, sets off on a remarkable journey with the help of two likable and loving guides. Along the way, many encounters lead Jal to ask questions of this great new country they are traveling through. He learns many new lessons along the way, things he hasn't even learned in his studies. He is highly motivated to reach his final destination in hopes of being reunited with his family.

The story starts out with Jal helpless and searching for his lost family during this time of war. He encounters what appears to be almost supernatural beings along the way that show Jal his sense of troubles will be turned into such great peace if he remains patient. Nancy Janes uses such descriptive language, really allowing the readers to envision what these unique characters and settings look like. Readers who love dystopian adventures will definitely want to pick up this book!

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