The Icky, Sticky and GROSS Fascinating Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone


Science is truly amazing but not always beautiful. Some things are, well, just icky, sticky and gross, not to mention smelly.


This is a joint review, as the three of us found this book, Icky, Sticky and Gross Fascinating Factbook by Shar Levne and Leslie Johnstone a MUST READ for any and all well as those adults who are young at heart!

Colorful pictures, fun fonts, and fascinating facts are written in short categorized sections, each labeled with an Icon to help you decided if you agree on the information as Icky, Sticky, Stinky, or Gross.

"Nothing in this book will hurt you. If you have the courage to read each and every page of this book, you will be rewarded with enough bizarre information to disgust every member of you family during dinner."

Have you ever thought about HEAD PETS, BREAK THE 5 SECOND RULE, A FUNGUS AMONG US, CHEESY FEET, and HUCKTOOEY... to just name a few.
We plan on using this book for some of Deb's first grade class projects. The sections will grab and keep their attention, and will actually help teach them a bit of hygiene and safety.

Humor can be a great way of getting your message across to those readers who wouldn't give ordinary, everyday happenings a second thought.

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