You Really Do Deserve Me: 52 Quick Super Wife Affirmations & Promises Kindle Edition...By Tondeleya Allen   

    You Really Do Deserve Me explores just a few of the qualities of a Super Wife, some things we can all try to have more peace in our marriages, and little ways wives can support and complement their husbands. defines complement this way: “something that completes or makes perfect.” That beautiful definition succinctly fits a Super wife to a T.

A Super wife is queen of motivation in her home. Her grace, strength, insight, comfort, resolve during a storm, brilliance, and even her joy make up a very unique skill-set that any man would be blessed to have. A Super Wife faces every challenge with optimism and strives to handle day-to-day circumstances with grace, strength, and humor. 

Tondeleya Allen, author of "The Blessed Woman Endeavor," believes every wife has the power to complement her husband and inspire him to be a better man.

When I know I'll be reading a book by Tondeleya Allen, I make sure I am in my quite spot, where I can absorb and really take to heart the teachings of this author.  Her latest book,You Really Do Deserve Me is another example how women can face the challenges of everyday living without going crazy!
The author explains to us her past struggles and heartaches. By using Bible based scripture and her own life experience, she relates to us the possibilities that we as women can achieve. The everyday stress and aggravation brought on by the men in our lives,is addressed in the most reasonable way... that I myself have to say, I think I can do this so let's give it a try. Some parts jab me in the heart and it's an "uh oh" moment, yep I'm certainly not going in the right direction. There is no scolding in this book, just gentle nudges and encouragement.

We need to stop listening to other people and their advice, be bold and follow our dreams by just letting go of our anger in the most sensible way. In the first part of the book, Tondeleya gives us a reality scenario, then what to do about it. Just as a teaser, I loved  #22, #30 and #32... some easy, some hard to accept. The bonus chapters are filled with so much love and common sense, that they need to be read over and over until it sinks in your soul.

We will all read and react to this book in a different way according to our situations, but in the end as stated by the author..."The greatest rewards are rarely attached to the easiest challenges."

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