The Light of Dark: Leah, Tobias, Bethany, Jesse Box Set Kindle Edition  ... By D. Gail Miller                     

All Tobias, Bethany and Jesse Weaver really want to do is marry their Amish sweethearts, settle down in their own homes and raise their (hopefully large) families. (If only it could be that simple.) 

In the Light of Dark, three Amish siblings come face-to-face with a conspiracy of rebellion that has been passed down from generation to generation from ancient times and is about to explode in long-anticipated fulfillment. It's the very last thing the Weavers (or most anyone else) wanted to invade their lives!


The Light of Dark is a unique twist on the traditional Amish novel. D. Gail Miller introduces her readers to the norms of the quiet, secluded Amish community, while adding the extreme trials and turmoil of the English world that surrounds them.

The progression of the series flows from one character to the next, ultimately leading the family unit back together and renewing the strong bond they once had. Although there are many deep, dark and heavy issues within this story, D. Gail Miller allows all her characters to carry the burden of finding truth and justice. Along the way, each character finds that love prevails, even at the most difficult times.

Debra Sue     
This dystopian novel leaves no stone unturned when delving into the worldly issues we are facing today. D. Gail Miller shows her strong Christian background and beliefs as well as her passion for living for Christ which shines through all of her characters.
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