Lap of Honour: (Loxwood #5)  ... by Grace Wilkinson                                                                                                                                      

In this final book in the Loxwood series, tragedy prompts a change in situation, and Georgia decides it's time to go it alone.
With the Five Year Old Event Horse Championships coming up, will she and Loxwood redeem themselves?


If you are following this series, Lap of Honour: (Loxwood#5) by Grace Wilkinson opens with a heart pounding event that you never would have expected. If this is your first book of the series, you will immediately feel the rush of emotion as riders scramble to find out the result of a horrific accident that happened on the riding course. Lives are changed for humans as well as horses.

I felt Georgia's life became more independent towards her main goal, even though it didn't mean it came without hard work. Georgia's devotion  and affection is still torn between two beloved horses and not to give away any spoilers, the reader understands why she reveals her true love for one particular horse.

The last chapter wraps up Georgia's evolution of her horse career as of date, but yet describes in a tender flashback the moments how life has come full circle.


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