Christian suspense thriller for ages 16 and up.

Frozen Footprints ... by Therese Heckenkamp

"Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror of the night."

Eighteen-year-old twins Charlene and Max Perigard have grown up under the wealthy but tyrannical rule of their oil-tycoon grandfather. When Max disappears and a ransom note shows up, Charlene's world is shattered. Fearing the worst, she determines to find her brother before it's too late. Her quest hurls her into a twisted, frigid world of snow and ice . . . and leads to terror in an isolated cabin. Together the twins struggle for survival while enduring fierce trials of mind, body, and spirit. Devoid of all worldly comfort and consolation, will faith and hope be enough to get them through this chilling nightmare? And where is Charlene's hero when she needs one the most?

Christian suspense thriller for ages 16 and up


Lisa Lynn
 This was an interesting read about millionaire twins who were kidnapped by an angry man who hated the twins' grandfather.  As much as I love a good suspenseful mystery, this was a bit too much for me.  I found it too gruesome and at times hopeless and really wanted to just put the book down, but I kept telling myself it has to have a good ending, but I was disappointed in that, also.  I loved the themes of sibling love and religious hope, but it just wasn't my type of book.  I give the author credit for keeping my attention to see how the book ended, but I will not be reading any more in this series.

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