A Christian Cozy Mystery

  SERENITY SPRINGS, OHIO ... by Lillian Duncan

An abandoned bird; an ailing aunt; and an unhappy fiancĂ©. What else could happen? Oh, yeah—a murder! Chief of Police, Matthew Travis moved home to avoid the violence of being a big city police officer, but murder shatters the peace and tranquility of his hometown.

It appears to be an open and shut case. A troubled teenager at the scene covered in blood with the murder weapon in his hand is arrested. Unfortunately, as Matthew ties up loose ends, his once open and shut case unravels.

And the danger escalates!


I must say the cover of Serenity Springs, Ohio by Lillian Duncan attracted me to this book. Not only did it say it took place in the state that I live, but loved the look of the quaint, cozy town where it takes place.

Lillian has her finger (and pen) on the heartbeat of a small hometown in Wooster, where people know and care about each other. The first page digs right into the heart of the story, setting up the murder scene that takes on many twists and turns which needs to be solved, or can it?

Besides romantic love that has it's ups and downs, the love Matthew has for his family is truly heart warming. When Emily moves from out of town back to Serenity Springs, she brings along with her a great faith in God, and all that He can do for us. This faith plays a major part in the different outcomes of revealing secrets and finding the murderer. If you love to figure out mysteries and putting pieces together, this is the book for you! Thanks Lillian for a great Christian Mystery.

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