Amber Alert: Christian Contemporary Romance with Suspense (Dangerous Series Book 1) Kindle Edition   ... by Linda K. Rodante

After a disastrous engagement to an abusive boyfriend, Sharee Jones tells God that she’s not dating anymore. If he has someone for her to marry, he’d better just drop the man in front of her. She’s not thinking of the tall, handsome man who moonlights as the church’s maintenance crew of one—a man she feels sure doesn’t know the Lord.
Since the tragedy in his own life, John Jergenson wants nothing to do with God, but every time he turns around lately, Sharee is in his face—wanting help with her Christmas program, needing help with her car, even threatening him with a pair of stakes—and talking about God. He’s not sure what to do about her, but he doesn’t like the mutilated dolls they’ve found, or the homeless hitchhiker she picked up, or the fact that she never watches out for herself. With someone terrorizing the new mom at the church, and Sharee playing detective, can he keep his past secret and keep her safe long enough to figure out if he’s ready to love again?
Amber Alert is a warm romance, with intrigue, ‪‎mystery‬ and suspense; a ‪‎whodunit‬ with heart and faith. And an ACFW Genesis and First Impressions finalist. Best-Selling author Sandra D. Bicker said, “Amber Alert…takes the reader on a suspenseful ride with unexpected twists…and characters you’ll care about.”
Author E. J. Willis said that, “The characters…pull you into their story… there's just the right mixture of romance and suspense. If you like Karen Kingsbury or Dee Henderson, I believe you'll enjoy Linda's books as well. They're hard to put down!”  


The first sentence in Amber Alert by Linda K. Rondant hooked me immediately, in fact it's the crux of the story. We find the main characters in the opening chapter already filled to the brim with emotions that make us wonder why their feelings are at some kind of breaking point. Sharee Jones with her mass of curly red hair to match her stubbornness, and John Jergenson who is the maintenance crew of one, in their beloved church.
As the story unfolds, more characters are introduced, all in some way or another ending up in the church fellowship, whether they are believers in God, or on the path to find Him.

I loved how Rodante showed the human side of Christians, their flaws, raw emotions and the fear that was building due to terror that was growing among the women of the church. What were the secrets behind those people that made everything finally come to a head?

It was refreshing to see the character of Sharee be strong in her Christian faith, but still had to struggle with the physical aspect that she was feeling towards John.

The pace is fast and descriptions short and sweet, which makes this a perfect suspenseful romance!

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Amber Ludwig said...

Oh man, Ive been here before!! Swearing that Im never dating again!! God always shows me different!! Sounds like a great read!