Running into Trouble:

Danni's life is turned upside down when her best friend was found murdered in her home. With the list of suspects rapidly dwindling, will Danni be able to solve the case before the murderer finds her next?

Sailing into Trouble:

Danni is back into the routine of life after losing her best friend to a crazed murderer. Moving forward, Danni decides to celebrate life on a leisurely cruise around the city with family and friends. With Ryan and Chris both at her side, her feelings become torn between these two extremely looking men. But all too soon murder strikes again and any hopes of having a romantic evening are dead in the water.

Riding into Trouble:

Danni is finally getting her chance at romance. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky. Murder strikes again and this time it hits home for everyone involved. What could have been a sweet romance turns out to be a deadly nightmare.

Debra Sue Brice                                                                              



Barrie Mac said...

Who wouldn't want to solve mysteries with hot men by your side? Sounds like fun reads.

ilikoldies rooster said...

Hi! This is great! Keep up the good work! Thank you for sharing with us! I really enjoyed my visit. Your friends, Mike, Bear, an my family.

Brices Mice said...

Hi Mike, Bear and Kitty! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. So this is what we've been doing mostly instead of the Tube. I love my job as publicist/Mom and trying to do my best...Have an amazing Sunday...Linda, Deb and Cookie