Only Children Chase Sawdust ... By Willowy Whisper

Their whole life turned to sawdust and blew away . . .

Please don't leave me, Jacob. I need you. I know you're grieving. Maybe we all are. But you're chasing something you'll never catch . . . and we both know you won't come back alive.


Who could pass up this intriguing title, with such a lovely author name! Only Children Chase Sawdust by Willowy Whisper opens with a lovely prologue that explains the title and setting of the story.

Two children grow up together in a small settlement, where lives depend on the community help that they give each other. Everyone knows, loves and respects each other, love blossoms and life is going well. But a surprisingly suspicious Indian attack destroys the foundation of this settlement, and heartache soon follows.

The decisions that were made from that time forward, is the meat of
the story. Plots and lies unfold before our eyes, and the faith of the people left are held in God's hands. Will faith and loyalty be enough to see the survivors through this twisting tale?

I thought the premise of the story was good, faith in God versus love in one another. I understood why Jacob felt he had to do what was in his heart even though it hurt those around him. I would have to say the chapters were a bit choppy going back and forth and didn't need the swirly icons to separate the paragraphs as the author moved the story forward. Some of the Indian dialog didn't seem exactly right on, but the strength that was developed in the characters did grow and develop.

The closing lines in the Epilogue cannot be missed! 

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Dinh@Arlene's Book Club said...

The author's name is fantastic- Willowy Whisper. She must have had creative parents. :)
The story line sounds interesting with kids growing up in a settlement and then something bad happens.
What time frame is this book?

Brices Mice said...

The author didn't give any dates, but it was when the settlers were just making headway in America. This is a young author, but I think when she gets more writing under her belt, she will be turning out some amazing novels. Just has to smooth things out, but the story line was good.