The Bricks and Sticks of Life... by Lillian Corrigan

This inspiring novel based upon a true story will tug at your heartstrings and renew your faith in true love.

Handyman Mitch Conner personifies the meaning of mentor. Unlocking potential, he builds up both people and structures. Using the proper tools for each job, he shows how simple materials create exquisite results. Some lives become cottages, others estates, yet each is precious in its own way.

After losing his wife and home, Mitch is left haunted and longing. One moment of fate fulfills his dream to be part of a family. But when illness threatens to demolish it, Mitch relies on relationships—the concrete that fortifies our existence—in his battle to save himself once again. Bonds with loved ones deepen as they laugh, labor and learn the meaning of life.

Step into Mitch’s boots. Journey through seasons filled with joy, hardship and tests of will in this touching story about an everyday hero you will never forget.


Lillian Corrigan grabs you right from the start with her catchy title, The Bricks and Sticks of Life. Building upon each character in this lovely story takes the reader through three phases of a family's emotional love and life for a period of time.

The Joyful Mysteries of Life introduces us to Mitch, a beloved father figure who has lost his loving wife whom he misses so deeply. Mitch, or teasingly called big "M", does his best to bring up his only son, affectionately called little "m" in a Godly manner. They are a well respected duo in their Church community.
The Sorrowful Mysteries of Life continues to build Lillian's characters in their growth of handling the unknown territory of a growing family that has flourished in love for one another, the respect of their relatives and church families while dealing with an uncertain future.

The Glorious Mysteries of Life explodes with emotions that will finally resolve in the acceptance of family issues that will only strengthen their faith in God.

A book that was hard to put down as the reader will most certainly get involved with the love and faithfulness of God and family that was shared. As the author puts it..."Every day we purchase, gather, find, or experience bricks and sticks that build our lives. Each is a gift. Perhaps we're reminded to cherish loved ones, have faith in our higher power, or believe in ourselves."

A special note from the author on the last page will only enhance the reader's involvement of the story.

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