Wicked Girl (THE FIRE) (Volume 1)  ... By Mcebo Michael Metfula


It is a fact too big to be ignored. All life will come to an end eventually. New York Blogger Elijah Turner’s life also ends abruptly. His wife and kids wail uncontrollably and hopelessly. However, God gives him a second chance – to sort his mess. He brings him back to life. But his new life takes a spine-chilling turn. He even curses the day he was brought back to life: ‘death was far better.’ ---Based on a true story---


Wicked Girl by Mcebo Michael Metfula had a unique writing style that drove his story from person to person, day to day and hour by hour. Each chapter revealed new back stories to put together this mystery puzzle.

New York Blogger Elijah Turner deals with the difficulty of his memory since returning from the dead. A life altering incident involving his family only increases Elijah's thoughts of his impending sanity. Has his life been what he thought it was, or did his amnesia dissolve any reality that he has delved into.

An intense read at a speeding high rate, facts and lies will come to a surprising conclusion along with twists and turns in this suspenseful mystery.

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Dinh said...

This page-turner and 5 stars you give it makes me want to check it out.
I am intrigue about the way the puzzle pieces come together!

Dinh @Arlene's Book Club