Driver Confessional (Driver Series Book 1) ... By David L. Winters

Antonio, a law student and part-time ride-share driver, cruises the streets of Washington, D.C. for his next fare. His gentle manner and Italian good looks lead many to confess more than they intended. On a particularly dark night, a mysterious woman bares her soul and throws Antonio into a world of secrets. With his police officer brother and close circle of friends, he must solve a murder and thwart international terrorists before its too late.


I was held captive just as the riders were captivated by the handsome, relaxed Buber driver in Drivers Confessional by David L. Winters. Each passenger usually asked the familiar question of why Antonio drove for a living, while quickly moving on to share what was going on in their own lives, since really, does a Buber driver even care or remember what they have to say?

This low-skilled job helped pay for Antonio's law school education while taking him around Washington's rich and powerful playmakers in every assortment of profession. Who knew that one of these characters was going to change his life in the most dramatic and intense way.

A murder takes place, throwing Antonio as well as his family and friends into a quick  and escalating frenzy. This story drives fast and furious as he sorts out clues and delves into his own investigation, allowing God to help give him wisdom and protection.

If this was a piece of art, I would have to say it has clean, smooth lines, as I enjoyed Winter's use of key words to describe the characters and set the tone. I could feel the rush of driving through the streets of Washington, trying to avoid a nasty outcome if unfortunately being caught. The mystery itself was very believable especially in today's political climate and environmentally conscious world.

If you enjoy Christian Mystery at a fast pace, this is for you!

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Bhriv said...

Looks interesting!

David L. said...

Thanks much for the review.